To the Editor:

In 2014, The Obama administration provided an opportunity for “Dreamers” (undocumented young people who were brought into America as children) to earn their citizenship by serving in our Armed Forces. Since September 2017, 900 have enlisted; serving multiple deployments overseas fighting for our country.

Now the Trump administration has unceremoniously dumped many of them from the military, removing their legal path to citizenship.

As a veteran and longtime reader of the KDH, it is predictable I have read no protests to this betrayal of trust from conservative, patriotic veterans who have spared no ink to malign the previous administration.

More striking is the hypocritical silence from our representation in Congress who claim to support our troops. It is high time for new leadership this November!

Alan Vangroll


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This is my personal opinion.

First, you have said that, 'The Obama administration provided the opportunity for Dreamers'. Many foreign servicemen enlisted in our armed forces, but they only enlisted 'after' they had entered our country in the legal way that they should enter, legally.
People who want to serve in our armed forces should not have a carrot in front of their eyes as another means of helping their parents who entered this country illegally.
How many instances have you been aware of that a so called Dreamer used his enlistment to bring additional illegals into this country even tho he swore to 'uphold the constitution of this country, do help me God'?
I am not in favor of allowing any illegal gain entrance through military enlistment/
Dennis Drury


There is do discussion because there is nothing to discuss. In February it was decided that no action would be taken on these soldiers. They will remain active. Stop spreading the hate.

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