To the Editor:

I attended the recent KDH forum for the folks who want to be the next Killeen City Council members.

I also attended last year’s forum for mayoral and at-large council candidates.

Since that time, I’ve been a fairly regular fixture at most council meeting and workshops. It has been pretty interesting to get a closer look at how city government runs.

I’ve also gained a lot of respect for our current City Council members.

Most residents have no idea just how much time each council member spends during the course of a month attending weekly meetings — attending meetings before and after the regularly schedule meetings, attending special meetings to discuss topics not covered in the other meetings.

Then, there are the committees that all council members and the mayor are on. No, not just one or two, either.

Then, they have to return calls to their constituents.

Some council members, like Shirley Fleming, Brockley Moore and Gregory Johnson, have sponsored town hall meetings, paid with their own money, to discuss issues important to residents in their district.

There are seldom many residents in attendance at these public meetings but out of the blue, we’ve got quite a few individuals who think that they can do a better job than the incumbents.

Several candidates spoke of their experience with budgets.

Listening to them, you might get the impression that they were running for the position of the finance director and not council member.

I almost laughed when one of the candidates spoke of working with a budget in the thousands of dollars. I shared this with the city’s finance director, Jonathan Locke, and asked him what Killeen’s annual budget is. “Over $200 million!”

Close enough.

My question to all the new candidates is, do you have the time to do this job if you win? If not, please don’t waste your time or ours.

I asked Councilman Jim Kilpatrick about how many hours a week he spent working on council tasks. He said,  “At least 20.”

It may be prestigious to be a city council member, but from what I’ve seen, it can be a very thankless job.

Everybody blames you for everything that ever went wrong, real or perceived.

It takes a very special person to fill these positions.

For now, I’ll stick with our incumbents. Thank you.

Bill Paquette


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@Bill - sir, must sincerely and whole-heartedly disagree with you. Your first blooper was to criticize the other candidates financial experience. You undoubtedly count yourself highly unqualified as on who would have no business being on a council that helps to oversee, as you stated, $200mil. Therefore, it would be indubitably obvious that you would not have been able to support any of the incumbents during their initial campaigns. You have, in my opinion, exposed yourself as a prejudiced individual.
In regards to your support of the incumbents, it is literally impossible to group Flemming, of whom I do support as you do, in the same company of Gregory Johnson and Brockley Moore. I suspect you favored a $30k raise and car allowance for the interim City Manager(Dr. Farris) and paying for the renaming of a road in whom Mr. Moore claimed to have donations for but, never revealed the names of not one individual. This, in a time when all other of our well deserving male and female employees of this city were experiencing pay cuts. Mr. Johnson is a bit more stable than your choice of Mr. Moore. If you still believe your support of the entirety of these 3 individuals is your best choice then, I surmise your care is not about money management, but Your "friendship" with these individuals. This would make your vote a wasted vote.
Finally, two of the candidates contesting Mr. Moore have just as much and, or even more experience than he does. "I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God." , "not just part of it." Try saying this statement before publishing another letter to the editor. Transparency is one of the things we the citizens are now fighting for. Please refrain from denying the readers all of the facts.


Bill has a small mindset. It's the same problem in Belton which has divided our the city. North and south doesn't see each other as neighbors. They are strangers, because the people like Bill, believe that all council members need to come from the Main Street first baptist church. It's sick!

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