To the Editor:

Why hasn’t there been a publication of the investigation that was recently done regarding Stacie Sherva and Killeen Animal Control? 

This should be public information now that the investigation has been completed and I am sure there are many people in Killeen who would be very interested in knowing just what went on there.

I would like to know exactly why she was fired. I know that she tried to enforce an ordinance that didn’t exist.

Why is it that Stacie Sherva was the only employee fired when there are more that certainly should have been? 

How can Killeen Animal Control put four dogs in one of their tiny kennel runs yet not be charged with animal cruelty? They violated the city’s ordinance, yet were not held accountable.  

“When the law breaks the law, there is no law”

R. Long


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The manager was fired for this reason - a commander was assigned to the animal control office. He was a psycho who had issues, yelled at staff and talked to her in a way no one should have to tolerate. The Assistant Chief became aware and managed the improper situation for a while, until commander whatever his name was blew up in the office and was basically asked to or forced to leave. Commander Caulfield came in and being friends with the former commander... Railroaded the manager until she was fired. This was a total and brutal violation of justice... BYE the people we hire to server and protect us... Embarrassing, but what are you going to do?

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