To the Editor:

After four combat tours beginning with the invasion of Iraq in 2003, my son is receiving the thanks of a grateful nation by being thrown out of the Army, now that combat troops are no longer needed. I guess I can’t complain. The purpose of the Army is to win wars. It is not a glorified social welfare experiment.

Only ... it is.

The United States military is being used to advance politically correct ideology in direct conflict with its fundamental purpose. To support the feminist agenda, it is being forced to deploy women into direct combat. As a result, sexual assault is rampant. Forcing young, sexually active men and women into military discipline and combat situations is a recipe for disaster, and this very disaster is now being used by the same people who created it to undermine military discipline even further.

The president is also using the military to advance the gay agenda. It is incredible that more than half of the sex crimes plaguing the military are same-sex assaults. This was unheard of before “Don’t ask, don’t tell” opened the ranks to gays. The few assaults that did occur were dealt with immediately, and the perpetrator was removed from the military after appropriate punishment.

The problem of sexual assault could be solved tomorrow by the elimination of these insane social policies forced on the military.

This will not happen. We will continue to live under the tyranny of politically correct ideology until we suffer catastrophic battlefield defeat.

Then perhaps, if we survive as a nation, reality will break through at last.

In the meantime, Bowe Bergdahl will continue to serve on active duty. My son will not.

Mike Homiller


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liberals always want to use the military for their experiments no matter the damage it does to the country.

Mamma Griz

Tell us from where you got your information about sexual assaults. I guess you didn't know that there were gays in the military in years past-- 1973 comes to my mind.

Just because you and other commentators don't like President Obama doesn't mean that he is to blame for everything. Things were not much better in the past. Maybe you don't remember-- as a person gets older his mind can forget things in the not-too-distant past. That is called AIT.

Mike Homiller

I originally received the astonishing news that more than half of sexual assaults in the military are same sex during a mandatory sexual harassment training class at Fort Hood in 2010. I was so surprised I couldn't believe I heard correctly, so I confirmed the statement from the NCO who gave the briefing, and who was responsible for all sexual assault investigations at Fort Hood. Since that time I have seen occasional corroboration in news stories, all of which have blown it off as inconsequential. Since you are inclined to treat it with skepticism, am I correct in thinking that you agree that, if true, it represents a huge indictment of homosexuals in the military? Confirm this and I will provide the proof, or admit it if I am unable to do so.

Yes indeed there were always homosexuals in the military. There were also pedophiles, murderers, and rapists. It does not follow that we should seek out more.

No, Obama is only responsible for his actions, like the rest of us; in this case for making the military a toy for feminists, multiculturalists, and homosexuals instead of a fighting force.

I don't completely follow the logic of your final comment. Are you saying you're too old to remember 1973? Or too young? Or that I am one or the other? In any case I served from 1974 to 1986, and again in 2009 and 2010, and I personally observed the facts I presented. Did you?


Excellent. The army has been totally destroyed by comrade Obama, which I think is deliberate on his part. After all, isn't the only thing we need to halt aggression by an enemy is a can of red paint to draw lines?


Eliminate military armament, eliminate the size of the military, eliminate the military officers, eliminate any good will between what forces are left,
What do you have to fight any enemy with ? Nothing !

Weird happening , unless you can think for yourself.


The letter writer obviously doesn't get it...

We no longer need a military because "the world is safer than it's ever been" according to O baaa ma.





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