Reader stands behind Methodist Church’s traditional positions

To the Editor:

At the General Conference of the United Methodist Church, Feb. 23-26 in St. Louis, it was palpable — a deeply split church in vitriolic conflict over the issue of human sexuality. It is obvious that our church is hopelessly divided and unable to continue living together.

By a vote of 438 to 384, the delegates passed The Traditional Plan by three consecutive conference votes, maintaining the church’s traditional biblical position on marriage as only between one man and one woman, and prohibiting self-avowed practicing homosexuals from commissioning or ordination.

It enhances accountability to ensure that bishops, clergy and annual conferences abide by the Book of Discipline. Clergy who perform same-sex weddings or blessings in rebellion to the tenets of the church would receive a minimum penalty of one year suspension without pay after conviction by a trial court. A second offense would result in termination of credentials.

The exit path for churches or conferences who do not want to abide by the Book of Discipline was ruled unconstitutional by the Judicial Council. It can only be enacted by a majority vote at the 2020 General Conference just 15 months from now.

The United Methodist Church sent a clear message that we will maintain traditional biblical moral standards on marriage and human sexuality.

We will not forsake Scripture as our primary authority. We will remain united with our global UM brothers and sisters with shared common ethics. We will enhance and defend Methodist Tradition.

Victor Orozco


Observer to the Conference

from Iglesia Metodista de Mexico

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