To the Editor:

RE: Heights reader says states should regulate sale of combat weapons.

Retired Col. Robert E. Lyons should have the experience in the Army to know the difference between an automatic weapon (like an M16/M4) and a semi-automatic weapon (like an AR15). But obviously that is not the case, based on his letter in the Feb 25 KDH.

An automatic weapon fires multiple rounds with a single pull of the trigger. A semi-automatic weapon fires one round with each pull of the trigger. Very simple to see the distinction.

While automatic weapons are available for sale in the United States, they are regulated very heavily, there is a long and expensive process to own one. Next is the definition of an assault weapon. They are automatic weapons, like the M16/M4 or AK47. They are not semi-automatic weapons like the AR15 or any semi-automatic pistol. Again, very simple to find the difference.

Col. Lyons quotes the first line of the Second Amendment and goes on to make the argument that the states should regulate combat weapons. Perhaps he should read the Supreme Court’s Heller decision. Heller would give him insights into the thinking of the Supreme Court on the Second Amendment. Combat weapons is a term that is hard to define. I would go back to my comments about assault weapons. Semi-automatic weapons are not assault weapons.

Of course, Col. Lyons’ real agenda for his letter is to push gun control. But, like most who try, Col. Lyons uses the same old vitriol to attempt to make his point. Arguments that are easy to see through and refute. Honest debate and the finding of a common middle ground are the answers. Stretching every semi-automatic weapon into an automatic one — like the mainstream media does most days — only broadens the chasm between the two sides of the gun issue.

In the case of several of the shootings in the past months, Law enforcement at all levels failed to do their job. More than a few of the people killed would be alive today had law enforcement done its job and duty.

Hal Dudley

retired command sergeant major


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Not bad. A pretty good letter. With the exception of the definition of "assault weapon". There is no definition for these items as they do not exist. This term was manufactured in the 90s by liberals to frighten the uninformed, and to conflate automatic and semi-automatic rifles, typically black in color and scary looking as well.

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