To the Editor:

It is always fun to debunk conservative editorials and comments in KDH’s Sunday edition. In fact, it usually takes as long to expose them as it takes to pour myself a cup of coffee and log in.

Case in point, retired Master Sgt. Santiago’s recent submission warning readers of the “communistic positions” Democratic presidential candidates are taking.

The reality is there is not a single presidential candidate who believes communism, a failed 20th-century relic, is a good idea.Yet Trump persistently points to North Korea and Venezuela, two countries destroyed by dictators, and warns his base this is the direction the Democrats want to move the country in.

Why couldn’t the president point to Western Europe? Since the end of WWII, some of the most successful and productive democratic countries have, to various degrees, elements of socialism in their societies.

In other words, these countries make it a point to try and insure a level playing field for everyone to build their lives off of such as national health insurance, education, and child-care.

To be sure, these countries are not perfect and their taxes are higher, but there is no doubting their quality of life. Contrary to the writer, our country is not on the right path. Americans are working multiple jobs with little time to take care of their families.

The Republican Party has gleefully gutted health insurance for the working class, threatened Medicare for the elderly but somehow supports the VA and their “socialistic” health care programs. Social Security, another “socialist” government program, is also persistently threatened, and college education is increasingly unaffordable for everyone not wealthy.

Mind you, none of these are even remotely concerns of the rich. Conservatives cheer on Trump to further minimize even the most fundamental levels of fairness and protection and applauds his attacks on the very foundation of our country — equality and tolerance.

Therefore, what Progressive Democrats are actually calling for is a realignment of our priorities in a capitalist nation glorified by the Republican Party and manipulated by the very wealthy.

Clearly, our nation can do better for all Americans. Lastly, Mr. Santiago concluded his letter with an ominous quote from Nikita Khrushchev that America would incrementally creep toward communism.

Like most conservative rhetoric, it was fabricated.

Alan Vangroll


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Even Lenin stated there is no difference between socialism and communism. It is an opponent of freedom. There is no successful communist country. The present Democrat party is the party of infanticide, hatred of Jews, destruction of our borders and the party that promotes every perversion known to man.

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