To the Editor:

This morning started out as many other mornings do; I dropped both of my dogs off at the doggie daycare on the way to work. They have been going there a long time.

What was unusual about this morning is that as I was leaving, a little dog not associated with the daycare came running across the parking lot and into the street and got run over by a car.

I witnessed all of this. The driver did not stop. They had to know they ran over a medium-size animal; it made a terrible sound.

What kind of human being does this, and does not stop?

The driver of this vehicle may be interested to know that this is a crime, punishable by a fine up to $1,000 and by up to a year in jail.

A huge thank you to the owner of the doggie daycare, who ran to the dog’s side and scooped him up. He died in her arms, instead of on the cold pavement.

To the driver of that vehicle, you know who you are, and maybe soon, the police will know who you are; the security cameras are being checked.

I felt so bad for this dog, and for his family ... this was someone’s pet.

Hopefully, the person who did this will do the right thing now and turn themselves in.

I experienced the worst of people (the person who hit the dog and kept going) and the greatest of people (the doggie daycare owner), all within a matter of about two minutes.

K. Russell

Harker Heights

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Well, it's me... the person that wrote the letter. First of all, it was obvious to me that this was someone's pet. I do have facts. I'm wondering if Dr. Strangelove maybe knows more about this incident. The sound was so very loud, that even if the person didn't know they hit an animal, it was certainly enough to investigate. True, it was definitely an accident, but the person should have been responsible and stopped and helped.

Dr Strangelove

There you go again stating things you don’t know about. You don’t know if the driver heard the dog make a noise or not? Maybe the driver was on a phone; playing loud music etc. you like the letter writer are assuming things you both don’t know about. Oh yeah I’ll write a letter and all abortion will stop—get a grip man.

Problem I see with comments like yours and others is you don’t want to hear the truth—par for the course. There's a saying "The truth will set you free."


It's a dog not a human? Par for the course from this reader. Any human that doesn't even stop to check on a dog after running it over (stray or not) clearly lacks compassion. This letter states it made a terrible noise so how then could the driver have thought it was a bump in the road? Events touch people differently. Just because this author chose to write about a incident that was terrible in his view doesn't mean that people aren't upset about abortions. If you are then why not write a letter on it? There's a saying: Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Dr Strangelove

Turn themselves in? FOR WHAT? It was an accident how do you know the driver knows he/she hit a dog? Maybe the driver thought it was a bump in the road? How do you know it was a pet? Maybe it was a stray? You’re saying a lot of things but you have no facts.

Ok let's say it is someone's dog and that person has damage to their car should the pet owners pay for the damage?

Yes I feel for the dog but let’s be honest it’s a dog not a human.

I just wish more people would be this upset about all the babies that is killed every day at Killeen’s abortion mill.

Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

This is just horrible.
Today a dog...tomorrow a child.
The world is going to hell in a hand basket.

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