To the Editor:

Regardless who each of us believe is the cause of this government shutdown that is doing immense danger to our nation, let alone those important employees who keep our government functioning, we must come together and force the government to get back to work or this nation is going to implode.

This is not affecting just those who work for government but to all who work. If this continues just a few more days, many who draw Social Security, government retirement checks, food stamps, etc., will not get paid.

Businesses are already closing down because they cannot function without government.We can’t even pay taxes because the IRS is closed.

The FBI, air traffic controllers for our air services and many other very important people, including border guards, are not being paid and cannot function without money to live on.

It is crumbling everywhere in our government and politicians will not stop it.

We can! Stop buying anything you do not need to survive and shut the economy down completely and then the wealthy business owners will put the pressure on the politicians fast.

Let’s show politicians who really rules.

Jim Denton


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