To the Editor:

TRS-CARE is yet again ready to go “belly-up” bankrupt unless another massive infusion of Texas taxpayer money is used for another “temporary rescue” of this grossly overpriced health care plan, and that’s after increasing individual contributions to such unaffordable rates that over half of TRS retirement annuitants won’t be able to afford their TRS-Care payments (most having never received a single cost-of-living increase — ever).

Isn’t it time to throw out this “garbage health care plan” and replace it with something that is far more affordable for retired educators and Texas taxpayers?

How long must good money be thrown into a constantly failing and unaffordable health care plan that habitually requires enormous taxpayer bailouts to provide retired educators with necessary health care coverage?

Try this instead:

Create a contributory TRS Health Savings Account (HSA) along with a much more affordable taxpayer-funded ‘’Catastrophic Healthcare Plan”?

Let the state cover catastrophic health care needs and instead of charging retired educators on fixed budgets and limited retirement annuities wholly unaffordable payments in to a bankrupt TRS-Care plan, allow them to make affordable and tax-deductible contributions into an HSA for incidental health care needs, prescriptions, and doctors visits.

Then use the savings to give every TRS annuitant a desperately needed and long overdue “cost of living” increase.

Most TRS annuitants receive little or no Social Security and are entirely dependent on greatly depreciated TRS retirement annuities.

Most have never received a cost-of-living increase.

Think about that. What would your pension be worth 15 to 25 years from now if you never get a cost-of-living increase?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to retired teachers.

That is outrageous and immoral.

No more excuse about “or the law” preventing cost of living increases, either.

YOU ARE THE TEXAS LEGISLATURE, so “change the law” and finally fix this abominable situation before the teachers who taught you end up on Medicaid and Welfare after decades long service educating you and other Texas youth.

Have a heart.

At least give retired teachers a little retirement security.

Ed Coet


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