To the Editor:

KNCT-TV channel 46 is evidently planning to cease operations. I’m delighted to see that the Herald covered this important KNCT news in a prominent, lengthy article two days ago. Thank you!

If KNCT closes, most people in Central Texas will no longer have any access to PBS except at their own cost, through streaming or subscription TV. That would be a major loss, as PBS is often the only source for in-depth international news such as the BBC and Frontline, serious history and science such as American Experience and Nova, fine arts such as the Metropolitan Opera, and educational children’s programming.

Channel 46 also produces local programs supporting the black and Latino communities.

We need to know much more about the reasons for this decision and whether there might be any way to reverse it.

Why were KNCT listeners and donors never told that the change was even under consideration? What exactly does ‘repack’ mean? Why does the FCC want KNCT to move from channel 46 to 17, and what would that entail?

Who are the six Central Texas College board members who made the decision, and what were their reasons?

If expense is the main obstacle, how much money would be necessary to save the station?

Your article touched on some of these subjects, but I believe that Central Texas citizens need to know even more, so I hope you will continue to investigate and to report what you learn. The public needs all of this information in order to continue to support PBS in Central Texas. It is too valuable an asset to risk losing.

Barbara Wendland

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