To the Editor:

Over the past two years, I’ve adopted three dogs from the Killeen Animal Shelter, each one with medical problems that have cost several hundred dollars.

The most recent, Balthier, adopted Aug. 31, became sick two days later and continued to get worse until I had to hold him through a difficult night and rush him to the vet the next morning.

The vets thought he had pneumonia, but now with his health getting worse, they think it might be distemper or canine influenza.

I remember asking if anything was wrong with the dog with my past history of the other two adopted animals, but they said “We don’t guarantee the health of our animals.”

How many other people are adopting a sick dog from there and have to make the decision to bring it back and have it put down, or pay the thousands of dollars to try and save its life?

I not only want the animal shelter to pay for the medical costs, but I truly believe a full investigation needs to be done and verify if they’re intentionally adopting out sick pets to people that come to a shelter hoping to save an unwanted pet.

If sick pets are the common thing, then they’ll go to breeders versus a shelter and then hundreds more dogs and cats will be added to the kill lists.

Amber Fincher


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I have to disagree with KarmaGrant. I adopted a year old female american bull terrier/pit mix from the Killeen Animal Shelter about 2 yeart ago. Within 2 hours of coming home she became sick. Taking her to the Vet, it was found that she had Distemper (which takes 4-12 days to show). After several hundreds of dollars later, many prayers, and the dedication of my vet, she survived. It has been known in this area that the Killeen Animal Shelter adopts out sick dogs on a daily basis. I wish Amber the best of luck with her Balthier and I hope the local community leaders make changes for the better regarding the local shelter.


If the dogs didn't get sick until they were in the writer's care then I suggest something is wrong with their place, not the shelter.

Parvo virus gets in the ground and can make a dog deathly ill, I know because it happened to me a long time ago. I didn't know the yard of our lovely housing had it until my dog contracted the virus and died.


Adopting out sick animals is an ongoing problem at Killeen shelter. Austin's shelter charges $75 for vaccinations, spay/neuter when you adopt. Killeen charges less to adopt but owner has to get shots & spay/neuter. Shelter could clean up its act & reputation. Animals need a fair chance to get adopted & poor practices at shelter decrease their chances for adoption. All shelters are overcrowded. Sad fact. Shelters still have to improve practices for these unfortunate animals. Community needs to demand better of the shelter.

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