To the Editor:

President Obama’s recent decision to launch airstrikes against ISIS militants was welcome, albeit, too late, according to military experts.

By the time it happened, ISIS fighters had taken control of several towns in northern Iraq, terrorized the Yasidis, ordered them to convert to Islam or die. Hundreds were slaughtered, many buried alive and even some children were beheaded. The airstrikes succeeded because Yasidis trapped in the Sinjar Mountains were able to escape.

Recently, a video surfaced on YouTube showing a member of the ISIS terrorists, with a British accent, decapitating an American journalist, James Foley. I believe he is the fifth American to be killed in this manner. The president addressed the media and the nation and reiterated his promise to prevent genocide and protect Americans’ lives.

After such horrible disregard for life, I would have liked our president to display some emotion, perhaps a little anger, and hear these words coming out of his mouth: “Starting tomorrow, the USA will start massive, unrelenting, devastating airstrikes that will not end until ISIS ceases to exist.”

I believe that restarting the Iraq War will not be necessary. There is, however, an unmistakable truth: ISIS must be stopped and destroyed. If we don’t, we will face the consequences later.

Retired Master Sgt. P. C. Santiago


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Mean while in the Divided States Of America, innocent citizens are being killed almost daily by Police and very few seem to care.

Dr Strangelove

Are you referring to Michael Brown a strong armed robber and bully?


Junior Varsity. Nothing to worry about.

Dr Strangelove

We all know the Democratic Party hates the military; after WWII they became wimps when it comes to defense of the United States. Nothing is going to happen until some of their leadership’s family members gets murdered by terrorists.


@ There is, however, an unmistakable truth: ISIS must be stopped and destroyed. If we don’t, we will face the consequences later.-------------

I agree with the Sgt.----

The president showed absolutely no emotion about the American Jim Foley, who had to die a horrible death at the hands of these barbarians called ISIS.

The only reasoning this type of an enemy force understands, is the reputed force of someone who is willing to eliminate them.

We are being threatened that they, ISIS, are inside our own borders, even those who have been living inside the country as citizens, can be part of the organization and willing to wreak mayhem against the people.

Its time to face reality and admit, there's a strong possibility those thought most trustworthy, may not be who we've been told they are but a part of the enemy force themselves.

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