To the Editor:

Oct. 6 is the last day to register to vote in the very important Nov. 4 election.

It is very important to vote because this election will decide if we live under the extremist agenda or we elect sensible candidates.

The choices are simple.

If women wish to have some old men decide what women can do for birth control and other health issues, then do not vote.

If women decide it is OK that they not be paid the same as men working at the same job, then do not vote.

If workers decide that minimum wage is a good salary and no retirement or health benefits are needed, do not vote.

If people think it is OK to cut food stamps, Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, then do not vote — and be ready to bring your elderly relatives home with you as the nursing homes no longer can allow Medicaid cuts.

If the people want some politician’s religious views and beliefs be made into laws you must follow as they do in Muslim countries, then do not vote.

If you think you want none of the above, you’d better vote!

Jim Denton


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Dr Strangelove

And we all knew the Obama worshipping Mama Gutless would make more of her leftwing foolish comments. Typical liberal tactic; have no facts so attack the person.


I will be there front and center to reverse the "Hope and Change" thing that has taken hold in this country. It is time for Change .... revers change and none of what
is going on right now. I guess the writer has not noticed that this country is out of control, the our foreign policy is non existent .....

Mamma Griz

I knew that there would be a comment like this from Dr. Strangeguy. It might look like that to you but since you don't know the guy and you assume those things about him it shows that you are an uneducated prejudicial bigoted fool.


I'm pretty sure the pot just called the kettle black!


[thumbup] [thumbup]

2 thumbs up I'mjustsayin & Roody2 for your powerful insight


I am a woman and I will vote republican because I don't believe the garbage you are spewing. Why do you use scare tactics?


"It is very important to vote because this election will decide if we live under the extremist agenda or we elect sensible candidates."

Dog whistles explained:

"Extremist agenda"- those who believe in upholding our constitution.

"Sensible candidates"- those who don't have any moral views or beliefs.

Thanks for showing us voting IS important!

Dr Strangelove

Well looks like this guy is a Democrat that doesn’t have a job and wants free handouts from the American Taxpayer—so yes please vote to shut people like him up!





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