To the Editor:

At 77 years old I am at odds with anything sane in our country.

For example, yesterday I went to Wal-Mart in Harker Heights and went to pay for my purchases with a check.

I was promptly asked for ID. No problem, so whipped out my military (indefinite) ID card. Not good enough.

So she asked for my driver’s license.

I took it out.

She asked my phone number and I gave it to her. She asked for my area code. I gave it to her.

She asked for my ZIP code. I gave it to her.

Bingo! She took my check, zipped it through her machine and promptly gave me back my check.

Now, for Pete’s sake, why is it so racist to require someone to show ID when voting?

Will someone explain that for me?

Robert F. Morgan

Harker Heights

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WOW..No it is not not racist however when Bush won the election and they had that big mess in FL nobody was talking about ID's than.....


"why is it so racist to require someone to show an ID when voting?"

...I would like one of you liberals out there to answer that one.

No. Really, I wouldn't. I already know your answer won't involve anything that makes sense.

Dr Strangelove

It’s racist because it does not allow dead minorities or illegal aliens to vote.


As others have stated,

It isn't racist--- Only to those who are against having a clean and legal vote.

Conservatives want any who vote to have the legal right to vote

Liberals want the more votes ,the merrier, and it doesn't matter if they are legal voters or not.

The last type of thinking, have the people and the country involved in a lot of problems at the moment.


Bubba hit the nail on the head.
Anything that this administration does or wants, and the people do not agree with, is racist.
I hope this country can survive until Jan., 2017 when we get rid of this jerk.


it's not racist or anything else.

The issue is that liberals like for illegals to vote or have voters cast numerous votes in several precincts on election day. They are experts at voter fraud and stealing elections.

That is why it is suddenly "racist" to demand voter identification for the purposes of a clean electoral process.

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