To the Editor:

It has recently come to my attention that the Copperas Cove City Council has recently passed a city ordinance that calls for the euthanization of feral cats within the city limits. This measure furthermore outlaws private efforts at cat population control.

This raises my hackles for two reasons: first, that the city is making a crime out of a potential solution. Ordinary law-abiding citizens become outlaws for attempting to solve a problem. This is entirely against the principles of the American way of life and everything for which Texas stands. This reduces individual liberty and places the government of the city in the position of arbiter of living. This is unconstitutional and frankly ridiculous.

Second, who is paying for this dabbling in tyranny? I am, as a taxpayer. I do not consent to my tax dollars funding the removal of freedom from my life and those of my fellow citizens. The council is overstepping its bounds in every imaginable way.

This ruling must be reversed. If it is not, the council will be replaced. Most of them are not up for re-election this term, but they will be eventually. I will not tolerate this trampling of individual liberty and will speak loudly and often until they all have been removed from office.

You, the council, are public servants; you answer to me. Do not forget this.

Brian A. Heitman

Copperas Cove

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Michaela Ramos

Thank you Brian for serving in the military for over 20 yrs and protect our freedom to voice our opinion and as some people did here, belittle them and call them names. I am allergic to cedar and I decided that I will not bring cedar in my house and quit rolling around in cedar bushes outside. Mamma Griz, there is an FDA approved rabies vaccine for 3 years and it would be paid for by the person who is bringing in the cat for spay/ neuter. TNR would not be paid by the city. So no cost to the city. Now, nobody is allowed to vaccinate or do anything. To the person from Killeen who has issues with strays, go to animal control in Killeen and get a trap.

Mamma Griz

Mr. Heitman, you don't approve of the actions of your city council? Besides neutering or spaying, the feral cats should have rabies shots every year. Are YOU willing to pay the money to get them their rabies shots every year? It is less expensive to euthanize the hundreds of feral cats than to keep them current on their rabies shots. Even if the rabies shots are low cost. Same thing for spaying or neutering.


"the Copperas Cove City Council has recently passed a city ordinance that calls for the euthanization of feral cats within the city limits"

Good for them. If they accidentally remove some from Killeen, that would be fine by me; there are at least half a dozen on my street alone -- digging and pooping in my yard, leaving footprints on the car, etc.

But the real irritation is the people who let them go in the first place. It's too bad there's no way to track them down and fine them.


Kill Them All - they make me sneeze.

Mamma Griz

jbtsr:: If they make you sneeze, don't adopt one and make it a house pet.

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