To the Editor:

WHO can tell American citizens WHAT information the Russians were able to get WHEN they “hacked” the Democrat Party documents?  WHERE were they able to hack?  WHY did they hack?  HOW did they hack?

The present administration in Washington imposed sanctions and expulsions on Russia.

Without the transparency professed by this administration, Americans are left to assume this hacking assertion to be correct and Obama’s crew (and others) are getting even for being wronged.

To paraphrase some notable quotes, Don’t you know Russian authorities are shaking in their boots knowing America’s “JV team” supervised by “leadership from behind” authorities are “on their case?”

Gary Ragsdale

Copperas Cove

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The whining arrogant democrats mistakenly believe they are destined to rule, and are having a protracted temper tantrum over the fact real Americans rejected their brand of Marxism in the election. The Russians didn't lose the election for Hillary, Hillary did. Americans recognized what a corrupt congenital liar, career criminal and destructive left wing fanatic she was and said NO. Isn't it interesting the corrupt lame stream media is jumping up and down screaming Russia influenced our election. These same purveyors of fake news didn't say a word when Obama used taxpayer dollars to try to influence the election in Israel. Our lying lame stream media are hypocritical liars and should not be believed on any issue.

Dr Strangelove

Seems to me the Democrats are blaming everyone for their defeat but the main reason why they didn’t win. Hillary Clinton is the worst candidate they have ever put up for President. The American people are not stupid we all know she’s a crook. I was not surprised at all that Trump won; just before the election just going on social media you could see Trump was going to win.

They only ones that were shocked were the DNC & mainstream liberal media because they think we Americans in flyover country are a bunch of hatful racist rednecks. Well that’s what they’re pushing now. Also Saudi Arabia gave the Clintons millions of dollars how they’re not being blamed for influencing the election?


WHY not just tell Putin to "Knock it off."

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