To the Editor:

Do you believe this country is headed in the wrong direction? The moral standards of our government are “evolving,” taking us down a pathway toward a secular world culture that is bankrupt.

Bonnie Erbe, a syndicated writer, featured weekly in the KDH, points out that less religious influence in our government (and by extension, in our lives) “will be a blessing for all of us.” Will we never learn that our society, our government, culture, moral and religious beliefs are all undeniably intertwined?

Even in our local community in the last six months, writers have asserted that somehow the Old Testament has no bearing on our modern society. They espouse their philosophy illustrating their biblical ignorance and thus reinforcing this move toward the darkness sweeping across our nation.

Unfortunately, when we try to compartmentalize our moral and religious views, as some in our society advocate, we begin to embrace darkness rather than the light. Just look at the floor vote of one of our political parties at their national convention in September over reinserting God into its political platform. Our Founding Fathers would stand aghast at this loss of our moral compass.

It is time to make a decision; will you allow the darkness to continue its advance? 2 Chronicles 7:14 needs to be a guiding light for both this nation and each of us.

Lynn Crafton

Harker Heights

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I agree with you 100%,


@ .” Will we never learn that our society, our government, culture, moral and religious beliefs are all undeniably intertwined?-------

To learn this fact,all we have to remember is when the decision to break from a dominating King into our own freedom loving country,many of the people making that choice, were mortal men of a moral culture who believed in the God many of us do today, and they're meetings were held inside the churches they attended every Sunday.
The only safe Haven in which they all felt secure.
Church and Religion were important at the beginning of our life as a country and a people as it should be in some fashion today.

At least a belief, even if there is non attendance of a church .

The writer of Letter to Editor in bringing attention to what happened on the convention floor of one of our political parties this past year, and the huge argument over inserting of the name God into their agenda.

Shows the complete,I say arrogance, and disrespect, of some for others. Who do still believe in 'that old time religion' values,

and for those who still have faith in what we were at one time and were meant to remain.
A country who were known to believe in the words, In God We Trust.

What a syndicated writer such as Bonnie Erbe, thinks and states in her column means nothing to me and can't influence unless I want to be influenced.

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