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Republicans denied input during process, but now getting the blame


To the Editor:

The president and Democratic leadership lie, demagogue and try to say the Republicans are to blame for everything. The president (an alleged constitutional scholar) and the Democratic leadership and the papers forget that we have a division of power just for this reason.

When the Democrats held both houses of Congress and the presidency, we saw how they did not allow the Republicans to offer any amendments to the Affordable Care Act.

We saw the president sit in a joint meeting with a smirk on his face as Republicans were trying to let him know what problems were to come — that the Affordable Care Act should be left up to the states that the bill should just cover interstate problems such as allowing insurance companies to reach across state lines and to just place certain items in the bill, (no-precondition requirement and credit for those who needed it. Not buying the whole pie without the knowledge of collateral damage that it would cause). Now, even though the Republicans allow votes on amendments, it is unfair when the majority in the House agree on something; it is bad.

When the president was a senator, and voted against raising the debt limit, it was OK. When the other party does the same thing, it’s wrong.

When the Senate passes one budget in five years and the House has passed one every year since the 2010 election, now the Senate thinks it’s time for a budget conference.

The attorney general decides that a photo ID is wrong, but thugs with sticks denying voters the right to vote is OK.

The Obama administration promised an open and fair administration; it has provided the most divisive administration in history and is the second worst administration since our “malaise” President Carter.

To compound this, on the 14th of November he tried to say AGAIN that he was not aware of the problems with “Obamacare” before the rollout. If he used his ears to listen, he would have known, but since he knows what’s better for us, he thinks he doesn’t need to.  

In the military we used to say, lead, follow or get out of the way.  

Since President Obama has demonstrated that he can’t lead, can’t follow, he should just get out of the way and take his gang of incompetents with him.  

W. A. Wright