To the Editor:

It was such a shock when I heard the news that the entire staff of Fowler Elementary could be leaving the school at 1020 Trimmier Road for a building out by the airport.

As I started to reflect on how I will miss having a community school for my “little’ neighbors, I started thinking about Fowler collectively.

On the forefront was the man who started it all.

Dr. Fowler and his legacy of love was always first. His legacy affected the children of Killeen all these years.

In 1929, my mother arrived in this town with the blessing of Dr. Fowler. I, as a child, received the gifts of love, basic oping skills, stability, and was taught to strive for excellence and learned the joy of friends and neighbors, Fowler being the focal point.

Explosive growth and planning for Killeen’s future is so important and we all know that sacrifice is sometimes the price of progress.

So, I am doing what I was taught at Fowler Elementary and I ask myself:

Why do I love Fowler Elementary?

Because Fowler Elementary loved me first.

Kakie Shea


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The long and wonderful legacy of this little school should not end. If the whole staff is going to a new school then the name should follow. Progress doesn't mean you forget your past. They'll be in a larger school and be able to reach and love more children. That's a great thing in my book.

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