To the Editor:

Bell County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 is the entity that was formed to provide clean water to Fort Hood and the then-tiny town of Killeen.

The board was intentionally set up to ensure the citizens of Killeen had a voice by ensuring the board was elected.

WCID-1 is a taxing authority and has the ability to collect and/or raise taxes along with determining the price of water sold.

Currently, the city of Killeen is paying for a multimillion-dollar water treatment plant with a little help from the surrounding areas that are also provided water from WCID-1.

The current board of WCID-1 has decided to now eliminate the citizens’ right to vote directly for who will represent them on an entity that has the power to determine not only the cost of their drinking water and sewer disposal but also possible future tax rates.

By appointing members to the WCID-1 board. the cycle of insular governance will continue ... appointing people because of who you know is not democratic.

It rewards those who are benefactors or supporters while shunning new ideas or thoughts.

Citizens deserve a voice and a vote ... not another attack on our voting rights.

Sandra Blankenship


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