To the Editor:

The city of Killeen has proposed a “single stream” recycling plan that they hope to have in place shortly.

They also plan to charge $2.50 a month for every household, even if we, like my household, do our own recycling.

My family recycles newspapers, cardboard, bulk mail, aluminum, glass, steel, copper and almost everything we can.

We sell these items to two or three local outlets, and as a result, earn almost $40 a month. Why, when my family will not be recycling these items, will we be required to pay the extra cost?

We do use the trash collection for things we can’t readily recycle, so would continue to pay what we normally do.

There are others, like myself and my family, who think the proposed increase is wrong if it is not used.

Why pay for a service that is, for your family, not needed?

James Henry


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Dr Strangelove

Other cities make profits off their recycle programs; research it. Some of these tree-huggers want us to pay for their Earth worship religion. There are so full if this global warming nonsense they fail to see this is just another way the city is ripping off its citizens.


In response to Alvin…..before you comment, you should read the previous comments carefully and do your homework. You incorrectly quoted and made unfounded assumptions. First off, the city doesn’t ‘make money’ off of recycling. It’s a costly endeavor but a necessary one as our landfills are overburdened and being mandated across the country to reduce non-recyclable waste…..waste created by every citizen of this nation including you! There is incurred costs of trucks, employees, handling sites, and curbside containers just to name a few that are unavoidable. You’d complain about having to pay $2.50 a month for front door recycle service but perhaps feel its OK to pay $3.50 a gallon for fuel plus your time to go recycle elsewhere? If the water/trash service had a cost increase of $2.50 in their annual budget review and a month or two later recycle bins showed up, would you feel better then?
As for your comment to me, I never condemned the $40, I applauded him! Had you actually read what I said you would know this. You assume only well-off people recycle for ‘free’……how very narrow minded! In my experience, more less-privileged people know how to “do the right thing” than the ‘well off’.
As for ‘Diane’ she is 100% accurate. Re-read hers too, ”..our tax dollars”. That’s you, me, our families, and neighbors funding thousands of programs. Like the saying goes…..put up or shut up!


@Diana16 and Openeyed, I would like to find an island where the money grubbers of a city didn't want to take every penny I have, but the rich people have already gobbled them up. Yeah, I object to a city forcing me to recycle with the intent of making money. Yeah I object to a city voting to uphold an individual from 'making money' off of a project that a city doesn't even want to enter into a township agreement, but a city will have to bear the burden of building a fresh water infrastructure and a waste water infrastructure to support this endeavor.

The city started this endeavor announcing this would be a 'free' service, then 2 days later, it was going to charge for this service, but it was going to be mandatory. So much for the good of the city for something that was to be going to be a free service.

It says something that an individual can collect recyclable materials worth $40.00 per month and then a city wants to charge citizens $2.50/month and the cost will just go up from there. Looking at the money a city will make, namely a 3 year payoff, not including the savings in transportation and the value that would be accumulated from the sale of recyclable materials.

That is some analogy that Diana16 brings up, not having kids in school, but she still pays taxes. Did she ever cast a glance at what Oncor is taking money for, namely a nuclear decommissioning charge each and every month. They will say 'it's only a small amount', but it's there non the less.

As for as @Openeyed, you must be one of the 'well off' individuals if any amount of money would make the thought of a mere $40.00/month seem insignificant. You don't even know what his 'needs' are, but you condemn him. As to it being the right thing to do, By the a city removing this activity, they have cemented his not being able to operate like this in the future. Why doesn't a city, with the need to remove from him this activity, give him a check for $40.00/month to replace this lost ability to 'make the measly $40.00', as you say 'it is the right thing to do'.

Dr Strangelove

Some years ago I was going to recycle—hey good idea. Then when I found out I’d have to pay extra for it I told them to take the blue box and stick it. STUPID GOVERNMENT!


I don't have kids but my property tax still goes to schools. Welcome to taxation. There are dozens of programs our tax dollars fund and nobody benefits from all of them. This is what living in a society is all about. If you don't like it, go find an island.


I applaud the city of Killeen for getting a comprehensive recycling program going. It is long overdue and I hope to see it move beyond the little bins on the curb to the full scaled 96 gallon rolling cans that many other communities throughout the U.S. have been using for years. Of course it will cost money, progress isn’t free! I have lived in many municipalities with recycling programs and they all charge a small fee to help off-set the cost. To suggest people shouldn’t be charged for a service they subscribe to but aren’t currently using is naïve. There is a cost to services, even when sitting idle. Its amazing how many citizens start recycling when curbside is initiated. As for the commenter that makes $40 a month taking recyclables to a processing facility, more power to you! As for me and my family, we’re not looking for a financial gain to recycling, we’re doing it because it’s the right thing to do!


Good points. But Killeen just wants to fund their needs. Residents aren't priority.

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