To the Editor:

I agree with Ellis Hilliard (Letters, Feb. 1) that the topic of gay marriage is a hot topic today for a lot of people, perhaps even throughout the so-called civilized modern world. I would like to know, however, if an “imperfect” and mistake-prone human being can assume to know that God loves the person but not the action of any given human individual. How is that possible?

Besides, can anyone really speak for God in that sense, that that is how God looks at any human being or person, under certain circumstances?

Also, it is unfair to make a general statement that people continually call those who oppose homosexuality as “bigots” and “prejudiced.” This is unacceptable since, to some, it is inhospitable to use such terms regarding another living, breathing human being.

This issue is not about what makes people happy. Rather, it is about securing and preserving the inherent, and yes sacred, dignity of every human being.

And, as far as I know, no record has been shown that a church or denomination has insisted that all churches should allow homosexuality to be the acceptable norm. Perhaps, there are personal issues, like marriage, that are considered “religious,” and the government should not be involved in the process.

But, then again, government is not the “evil” we sometimes think it is. Otherwise, women’s suffrage would not have become a reality and the impact of the civil rights movement would still be a “pipe-dream.” At one time, as you know, slavery in America was considered a religious matter.

Retired Rev. B.B. Mequi


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Humans speaking for GOD.? Clearly the Clergyman has not got the word that only President Obama can speak for GOD because . That Fool and the media think Obama is GOD. after all he signed a executive order making him self to speak for GOD.

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