To the Editor:

Why was I not surprised when I read in the Aug. 13 issue of this paper that the Killeen City Council had approved a plan to build houses across the street from the (Central Texas State Veterans) Cemetery? Since my wife and I plan to spend eternity there, I was so hoping that the so-called city planners would not violate the sanctity of that area and leave a buffer around the cemetery for a green zone with no advertising signs. However, I guess the desire for tax dollars overrides decorum.

The houses planned will be on smaller lots and probably crammed together, which means in time the area may become run-down looking like many other areas in Killeen. It appears to me that the council is made up of several builders, contractors and Realtors who have a vested interest in continued new construction, regardless of how glutted the real estate market is in this area.

The real estate market here has a great over-population of used homes to choose from and there seems to have been a buyer’s market in this area for a long time. In other words, if you want to sell your house, you will be in for a long wait.

The thing that appears to cause this long wait is new housing is being built at record pace. Builders can get buyers into these new homes much easier than a previously owned home.

I know this article will draw fire, but this city, whose motto is “City Without Limits,” has allowed the city to be limited by growing much faster than the infrastructure (roads and streets) can keep up with.

Retired Col. Malvin Handy

Harker Heights

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while I agree about the project type housing bring down property values, another issue is the low class type of renters we have due to Ft. Hood. the army has the enlistment standards so low any one can join. a lot of these so called soldiers, were ghetto rats before the army.they live like they did all their life.and yes property mngmnt cos are an issue not properly vetting tenants I know this to be true since I own a few rentals here.


Fifth time's the charm: Killeen council OKs rezoning request. Article from Tuesdays meeting.


Also you can start following on Facebook look for Khark and Tails a waggin....I have started a discussion yesterday and I will share your posts this morning


The entire town is a project which is turning into PROJECTS! I would like to form a group that fights anymore GHETTO fashion decisions in this town. Please read our article and comments from Tuesdays council decision.....


I too am not surprised that this council, which is made up of quite a few reruns from the prior past council, votes the way it does. You drive down the roadways in this town and you see row upon row of cookie cutter little, small houses that look like the same house. Row upon row of the same cracker boxes that look like they are stamped out of the same mold.


Killeen has been polluted with GHETTO housing from all the small minded developers and low class builders in the area while fattening the wallets of property mgmt companies. It is time to stand up and STOP buying these over priced houses which have no yard or green space, turning our homeowners housing investments to XXXX!. Also it is time to question the ethics on newly appointed mayor and newly appointed council members. In addition, we need to question those holding positions in the City of Killeen Planning and Development Dept-possibly it is time for a change! We have settled as a community way to long with crime infested neighborhood building; no more housing on less than 10,000 square feet so we can enjoy BBQ, family gathering's, a pool and a place to park our RV or boat. We demand parks, dog parks, jogging and bike trails, live entertainment, kids entertainment!!!!! I ask all of you to pass this message along as well as copy and paste this message and email to the City of Killeen Mayor and Council Members at;;;;;;;;;


@ Killeen council OKs plan for single-family housing
Conditional-use permit allows home development in university, cemetery districts

Posted: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 4:30 am
The Killeen City Council narrowly approved a plan for single-family housing in the cemetery and university districts during its Tuesday regular meeting.
Councilmen Jonathan Okray,Terry Clark and Steve Harris voted against the request for a conditional-use permit
Mayor Pro Tem Elizabeth Blackstone, Councilmen Wayne Gilmore, Jose Segarra and Juan Rivera voted in favor.-------------

Col. @ The houses planned will be on smaller lots and probably crammed together, which means in time the area may become run-down looking like many other areas in Killeen.----

Housing Projects can even turn into HUD type Housing

I believe it was some of the same Council Members who voted yes on this housing project being allowed near the Veterans Cemetery (even though, not all reports were in on the project ), that also voted just last week, against the Resolution, that would have protected the citizens against the possibility of having Illegals who had recently stolen into the country, from being allowed sanction inside the City of Killeen.

At times in a person life ,they will have to make decisions which will show their true colors and where loyalty's lay, this is the second time in as many weeks, that these Council Persons have had the chance to show theirs.

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