To the Editor:

Central Texas lost a true icon recently — Gaylon Christie.

I am proud to say I knew him.

It was at the KTON Country Jamboree at the Municipal Building Auditorium in downtown Temple that I saw “Corncob Christie” and the Downbeats, live on stage. Gaylon’s group performed before such country singers as Porter Wagner, Johnny Cash, Sonny James and many more. There were numerous performances that I attended and I’m sure Gaylon had a lot to do with planning these events.

It wasn’t until I moved to Killeen and began my coaching career (1970-2005) that I got to know Gaylon.

For many Roo football banquets, Gaylon served as emcee. He also announced many Roo football games on the radio. In 1991, he and Mike Young broadcasted the Roos all the way to a State Championship. Many were delighted to hear his colorful analogy of what he saw on the gridiron, which included his strong feelings for the Roos’ success.

I was always impressed with his smile, a firm handshake, and how friendly and cordial he was to everyone.

There is an old saying — A man has three names: The one he inherits; the one his parents give him; and the one he makes for himself.

Lots of Central Texans have followed his leadership on community projects, benefited from his friendship, laughed at his wit and swapped stories with him.

Whether “Corncob” or Gaylon, that name will be remembered forever.

Eddie Blomquist, retired KISD coach, Killeen

Editor’s note: Funeral services for longtime radio personality, businessman and civic leader Gaylon Christie will be at

11 a.m. today at Lifeway Fellowship,

4001 E. Elms Road in Killeen.

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