To the Editor:

Well, it happened again! The city of Killeen lost another loyal, dependable, qualified employee in Von Milton, who retired on Friday. As a 20-year veteran who worked as the cemetery crew leader, Von had applied repeatedly for the supervisor’s position each time the cemetery superintendent put in for the position.

Each time, he was passed over by the executive director of Community Services in favor of another. He knew the job and proved his loyalty repeatedly. There was never a slack in service to the residents, even after his boss, the cemetery superintendent, retired last year. Mr. Milton did his job and hers, all without the title or pay for over a year. Thus, yet another case of “never mind, he’ll work for free” mentality permeating the city’s upper echelon.

The last straw, I would guess, was when the cemetery superintendent retired last year and Human Resources opened the supervisor’s position. They changed the qualifications to now requiring a four-year college degree. Human Resources, under the direction of the assistant city manager (aka deputy) didn’t realize Milton had a four-year degree. Once he submitted his application and credentials, the position closed and wasn’t filled. How grossly unfair, and shame on you, HR and assistant / deputy city manager. Who cares about a longtime, proven, knowledgeable employee of 20 years?

For the record, I care! Now the residents have nobody who is qualified to know the legalities and system of running the cemetery or services. Another ship without a captain under the executive director of Community Services.

In only one year, the cemetery superintendent retired, the senior centers manager retired, leaving the senior centers program assistant to do her job and the job she was hired for. She quit after doing both jobs for seven months without title or compensation. Let’s not leave out others who have left under the executive director of Community Services’ direction this year: an athletic superintendent, the Aquatics superintendent and now the cemetery crew leader — not to mention numerous secretaries who quit and athletic superintendents who left under his management over the years. What an impressive record.

I thought good managers inspire, encourage and promote fairly. Sadly, this obviously is not the case for this department.

What is the executive director of Community Services over, now that nearly all the employees in managerial positions under him have quit or retired?

The city’s paying some people too much money for running people off.

Debbie Edwards

retired senior centers manager


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Trish Parsons

The city lost a wonderful employee. Von is the most helpful, sweetest man. When my father's headstone was sliding and the company that had made it had gone out of business, Von hooked me up with the nicest man who came to fix it. Von made the extra effort to go my father's headstone with me and was there when I met up with the man and his son who fixed it. Von was there Thanksgiving week when my best friend who lives in Alabama had to bring her mother's ashes home to be interred with her father and not only gave her good advice but also expressed his sincere condolences for her loss. He walked her through the paperwork and process and made sure that on the day (late afternoon the day before Thanksgiving) he had everything ready and was there with us and helped us to get through the burial and stayed after to talk with us. I am sorry that the city didn't recognize the most valuable person in their employ when it came to the city cemetery because I for one will miss Von when I go to visit my father's grave and now will worry that no-one will care as much as Von did for my parents final resting place :(


Thank you, Debbie, for always speaking up. The goal, I believe, is to slowly get rid of the old guard (those who know what's going on) so they can continue to steal money and pad their own pockets and comforts. They either fire them without cause or make their lives miserable one way or another.
Liz Rainey
Former Webmaster for the City of Killeen.

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