To the Editor:

In a recent article published in the KDH, a former soldier complained of improper medical treatment at one of Fort Hood’s troop medical clinics.

It appears that her medical complaints were addressed properly because she was referred to Scott & White Hospital for evaluation and to rule out a specific problem.

According to the story, no major problems were found. To me, it implies that health care givers were concerned enough to refer her to a major medical center known for advanced technology and expertise in many areas.

The process during sick call hours is basically the same at all troop clinics. The goal is to return healthy soldiers back to duty unless a temporary restriction on physical activities (running, jumping, etc.), is required. A soldier who receives physical profile with permanent limitation that impairs his/her deployment capability is usually deemed not fit for retention in military service. Soldiers who believe that their health complaints/concerns are not being met can make an official complaint to the Division Inspector General. The IG will send the required paperwork to the division surgeon, who will conduct a thorough investigation and forward the results back to the IG.

In my experience with troop medical clinics (as a screener and NCO in charge), we always made sure that everyone was seen. This was particularly true during days when the units had scheduled physical training. On those days the number of soldiers on sick call usually increased by up to 50 percent or higher. This may sound strange but sometimes the right treatment to some, means being told what they want to hear.

Pedro C. Santiago


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I agree, the TMC has always done right by me.

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