To the Editor:

Today I am angry and grieving and I will march.

Today I march for the dead children whose parents hugged them off to school not knowing it was for the last time.  

I march for teachers and staff who bear the scars of survival.

I march for students reliving in nightmares the rapid-fire AR-15 bullets blasting through classroom walls and into the bodies of their friends, coaches and teachers.

I march for first responders, hospital staffs, funeral directors, church pastors and school boards, all shaken to the core.

I march for entire communities because gun violence affects every one of us.

And today, here in Killeen I will march with the students who have risen up, whose resolve will not be weakened by the NRA, whose determination will not be stopped by a “do-nothing” Congress, whose courage will not be shaken by fresh memories of more senseless shootings, and whose voices will never be silenced by gun lobbies, or anti-regulation, pro-gun organizations. They will soon be able to vote.

No one talks about what is happening inside schools everywhere on any given day.  A signal goes forth: TOTAL LOCKDOWN.  Lights OFF, doors LOCKED, and blinds CLOSED.  

Try being me, teaching my kindergartners, but had to quickly huddle 22 little bodies to the floor in a corner of my room, seated and unable to stretch or move a muscle.

Try being my kindergartners looking at me with big eyes. My face conveys a dead serious message: “Do-NOT-make-a sound, stop-wiggling, and-I-MEAN-IT!”  We have barely breathed for over 10 minutes when loud banging on the door startles a kid who bangs his head on the table leg and covers his mouth, terrified he will make a sound and blow our cover.

Administrators are simulating an attack and jerk the door handle, so we’ll be prepared for the real thing, God forbid.  In the near darkness, my face softens in an effort to reassure and calm my little ones.

Eventually the “all clear” signal tells us we can breathe again. Until the next time.

We are supposed to make this world and schools safer places for our children. But even the adults can’t do this until we ban bump stocks and AR-15 rifle sales, close loopholes at gun shows, enforce wait times and thorough background checks before gun purchases and fund mental health programs.We only lack one thing:  The collective WILL to take action and pass legislation.  

This is America and we can and we must do this! The lives of our children literally hang in the balance.

Today I march with all who stand against gun violence.

Today we MARCHforOurLives and demand action. Join us!

Irene Andrews


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America has allowed gun ownership from the beginning.. these kinds of school shootings could have been happening just as much in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s... but they weren't. Guns haven't changed, but people have. We are asking the wrong questions, focusing on the wrong problem. What is changing in PEOPLE that makes them think taking lives is okay? THAT is what we need to address.

When I was a kid we were taught discipline and respect. They took discipline away and lost respect. That's what happened. Also making "every kid a winner" they never learn how to deal and cope with rejection so you end up with a bunch of pansy's that can't handle rejection or bullies cause everything thing hurts their baby feelings. Add in the fact kids can't just be kids and fight it out with fist, because they are such sissy's and parents just want to sue over everything. It's a lethal mix that's been brewing for almost 30 years.

Anyone who can't see that is just blind or stupid. Guys all had guns hanging in the back of windows of our trucks around here when I was in school and packed pocket knives. Never had a school shooting or a even stabbing.


Exactly. Well said.


The NRA is not responsible for these incidents. Stop blaming innocent people for these tragedies to assuage your politics. This speaks to your intellect and character, or lack of same. You might want to think about that a little. The NRA also wishes these incidents to stop, and you have been told numerous times how to do it. Yet, you continue with your ranting and marching, ignoring the obvious answers. What does that say about you?


Why not protest Bell county judges being protected and not your children? Are they more important than the children? Seems like it. Everytime I go in The Taj Mahal complex I arm forced to dis-arm because the people inside are so valuable. More valuable than your kids. There’s one for discrimination. [sleep]


Why don't you march for the one million times a year gun owners thwart a criminal attack with their gun? Of course you don't care about that, you only care about your liberal hysteria. I will NOT give up my AR 15 to appease left wingers like you. I really hope you are confronted by an armed assailant in your home. Then you can try writing "gun ban" on a piece of paper and wave it at him. See how that works out for you. Since you would disarm law abiding citizens then you are an enabler of any criminal who attacks law abiding citizens


If banning the AR-15 would solve all of our problems, I would be all for it, but it wouldn't. Would we next ban semi automatic rifles, shotguns, automatic pistols, certain caliber ammunition?....Our problems are not with guns. Our problems are with our society and the acceptance of so much that in our past was not accepted...ever. Lawlessness, disrespect for adults and authority, lack of concern or caring for other people, lack of discipline in our families and schools, lack of Christian beliefs and morals, and the lack of concern for human life are all factors in our societal ills...including school shootings...much, much more than AR-15s are. ..Instead of worrying about banning guns,.... I think we need to do something about changing our society, which has become more liberal, more uncaring, and more immoral for several decades now. What a shame on all of us.


Unfortunately, it was government who dropped the ball that would have kept the members of the Texas church safe from their assailant. And, they dropped the ball on the wacko who shot up the school that sparked this march. With government failure (at all levels) on a grand scale, your solution is more government involvement!?! They say doing the exact same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. No gun for you.


I choose to march with Open Carry Texas.

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