To the Editor:

I would question the areas affected by the sequester reported to the public.

I believe they are no more than an effort to create fear in all of us: unemployment benefits, military and education — and as they call it, entitlement programs like Social Security.

Social Security is not an entitlement program; it a system that former employers and all people who are employed have been paying into. I have been contributing to it for over 50 years, and it is my money in my account for my retirement.

I am also an employer and have five families that I contribute to their Social Security and to their unemployment benefits as a result of them working for a living, and I am sick and tired of contributing the extra money to the deadbeats that won’t even try and get a job. They use excuses as to why they can’t get a job. I believe they sat in the same classes that you and I did in school, but never have done anything to better themselves or their community. This should not be everyone else’s problem.

The tax system is so out of line that we are limited as to how many people we can hire. Obama’s extra tax on everyone is going to force me to re-evaluate the number of employees I currently have.

Aren’t you fed up with the smoke and mirrors they keep playing in D.C.? How much did it cost the taxpayers for Michelle Obama to get dressed up and go on TV to hand out an Oscar the other night? It is time to question the motives and decisions being made by our leaders, and demand some straight answers from them.

Ted F. Kennett


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tuition assistance for troops is supended due to sequester.


I totally agree, it is our money and I'm sure if we would have put it in an account or something we would be rich now. Washington needs to get their stuff together and quit wasting our money. Obama needs to start being a president instead of saying look at me I am the first black president.


I agree with letter writer and with you too barbie.
Obama doesn't have to spend time telling us he's the 1st black president,We know that already,
We were willing to accept the man But,you can't accept someone once you find out they are trying to make a fool out of you and Has done it with many already who have fallen hook line and sinker for all they are told.
We the majority of the people aren't the problem,the people in the white house are.
The peoples good nature has been taken advantage of and if all of us don't wake up,we could cause our own destruction.
We can't think of ourselves alone,we have to think of the ones who will still be here once any of us are gone.

Dr Strangelove

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