To the Editor:

One major fact in Salado’s — or Scamalado’s — May 6 election, as has been the case in the past decades of local elections: Graft and corruption will be alive and well.

The election is won around here by ignoble, elected purveyors, in the biggest way, of dispensing more taxpayer dollars with the least transparency, legal and otherwise, to their, incestuous group of sycophants.

Why? The whole bunch is addicted to “OPM,” Other Peoples’ Money, which then is dispensed to the “true believers” of taxpayer-subsidized “capitalism” or the illusion thereof.

All this happens in a proven, local area of rabid Republicanism and their convenient, dishonest mantra of “less government, less taxes.”

Keep those checkbooks handy, residents. The price of living in Scamalado just went up ... after the election, of course!

T R (Tom) Pappas


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