To the Editor:

When I look at the qualifications of the people nominated by the president and approved by the Senate to serve as heads of various governmental departments and bureaus, I see a genuine, active Fifth Column at work.

For example, the people so far approved seem to have a singular mind set: work as hard as possible to undo anything which protects citizens from sleazy financial deals (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), protects the environment (EPA), aims to cripple public education (Depart of Education), aids the well-off over those of more modest means when disasters strike (FEMA), discourages alternate energy sources and promotes polluting energy like oil and gas (Department of Energy).

Providing clean air and water, safe food, and working on alternative energy sources is expensive, costing polluters dearly.

Clearly this administration prefers protecting its wealthy corporate fat-cat donors instead of protecting the people in the country.

Ben Liles


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