Salado reader says Texas GOP will cheat to get Whitley confirmed

To the Editor:

The appropriate Senate committee has sent the nomination of (acting?) Texas Secretary of State David Whitley, to the full Senate for confirmation to remain in his position, an action which requires the vote of two-thirds of the senators present on the Senate floor.

Three Democrats’ votes could derail the nomination. So, the Senate Republicans are watching like hawks to see if they can find a moment when three Democrats are not on the floor so they can hold a ‘quickie’ vote to allow Whitley to remain on the job.

As the title of an op-ed article from last year read: “Republicans cannot win without cheating.” Such a ‘quickie’ vote would be a perfect example.

Another example: Whitley sent the counties lists of almost 100,000 names of people who were supposedly ineligible to vote.

Fortunately a federal judge halted the purge; thousands of names are on the list in error.

Ben Liles


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