To the Editor:

While watching some profuse, additional “breaking news” on lamestream media moments ago, I heard the greatest “oxymoron” concerning an indicted person in the befuddled “RussiaGate” fiasco.

This federally indicted person, a former campaign manager of a recent presidential campaign, was referred to as a “prominent lobbyist” in Washington, D.C.

Say what? “Prominent” and “lobbyist” used in the same breath?

“What a hoot,” as the ol’ Texas saying goes!

Would not this be similar to saying, “bubonic plague is a compassionate means of population control”?

Lobbyists, those who often are lawyers and who are often, also, former legislators in our revolving door circus, pay-for-play, political system, are one speck of pond-scum, positioned “lower than a snake’s belly,,” in my opinion.

These pathological bootlickers, lobbyists, ply their “services” (Ca$h and other political “enticements”), both above and below the tables of political power, often in bright daylight!

“Prominent Lobbyist” — what a stretch, at any level of government!

I feel it might be time to close those porous, loopholes as to “servicing” politicians after public service and maybe, coincidentally, bring on public service term limits, while cleaning up the local, state and federal political “swamps.” What about you?

Lobbyists as part of our political “system” give credence to the following description of the United States, or US:

“We, US, may be the BEST, screwed up representative democracy on this planet, but we, US, are really, really screwed up!

T.R. (Tom) Pappas


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