To the Editor:

Syria and the federal buffoons involved in wanting to get U.S. involved there remind me of earlier imbeciles in the G.W. Bush-43 administration’s fiasco of contrived involvement by U.S. in Iraq.

What a wonderful fantasy Iraq has been for planting the seed of democracy.

From this veteran, constituent, voter, taxpayer — stay the hell OUT of Syria!

Our national interests are not in a sovereign civil war of a third-rate country, unless payoffs need be made in political season and drama and/or made to the U.S. “military/industrial” defense of corporations through war.

Four thousand-plus dead and countless maimed/wounded of our young military can attest to the bogus use of “government intelligence” (oxymoron) in Iraq to further what ...?

A congressional rubber stamp of Obama’s adventures to produce an Obama/Kerry “legacy” makes any for vote a part of a failed, futile, bogus manipulation of American “interests.”

T R (Tom) Pappas


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Our campaign in Iraq was not "contrived".

Frankly, I am sick and dammed tired of hearing that kind of claptrap from the uninformed; it disrespects those who served there and more importantly, those who did not return. So from this veteran, taxpayer, property owner, and registered voter, how about apologizing for your disgusting views and then buttoning your lip?

More to the point, Skippy, the issues in Iraq were well documented, and those of us who have actually been there know that we found all the pieces and parts of the WMD program that existed there, and it is well documented that the so-called "stockpiles" of WMD were moved to SYRIA just before OIF began. Those of us who deal in truths and not media-fed liberal vitriol know this well.

My opposition to our involvement in Syria is based solely on the FACT that obama and his regime are simply too stupid for words. They are incompetent failures who have committed failures in judgment, leadership, intellect, and competence. It has reached the point that they are costing American lives with their incompetent stupidity and unabated arrogance. The liberals in this country who voted for these incompetent, pseudo-intellectual failures now have the blood of a US ambassador on their hands, and will go to Hell for it, I assure you. Now the fool in the WH wants to bomb a regime which will have the constructive effect of helping al Qaeda, after already failing to keep them out of egypt, Libya, mali, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The American people can no longer endure people like you or your failed leaders, and the time has come for all of you to be quiet and at least try to learn from your own tragic, fatal mistakes.


I fully agree that a war with Syria , and Iran whom I understand the President will use a justification for his war. Which the USA can not win .

Why because of the President policy of reducing and degrading our once fine military Via the sequester and the policy of having the gay lobby control the military means the US military does not have the money for even a short war as Iran unlike the US Military has been expanding its military and it moral influence ( in the eyes of Iranians ) While the Pentagon has now for its moral positions has classified Christians and those whom marry the same sex as the new enemy of the gay lobby and the Obama USA.
A history note the pro gay greeks lost to the Persians ( Iran army ) and Iran influenced the world at that time.

So it is clear to me the real danger to the USA is not Syria or even Iran . It is our own Tyrant Bully President whom has destroyed both the USA and our own military .
So join me in writing congress to order to recall all retired military to bring back the non gay lobby controlled retires to attack the White House and all those Democrats and the GOP pimps whom are stealing our tax money from the Military Industrial Complex )
To also attack the Supreme Court Justices whom ruled we the people must be slaves to both Obama Care and theI RS. That we old timers save the USA by shooting ASAP by us non gay old time military volunteers such as my self. For the old time act of FREEDOM of the USA where we the people not Obama or the gay lobby chose our own fate and most of all this act will bring back prosperity to the USA.

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