To the Editor:

After reading Jacob Brooks’ column in today’s (Nov. 27) Fort Hood Herald about eating free on Veterans Day, I felt compelled to write.

I am a 15-plus-year veteran who was honorably discharged in 1993. I joined the Army at 17 while still in high school, and went active duty on my 18th birthday in 1978. I also have a minimal service-connected disability, which does allow me to work full time. I do not draw any compensation for my disability, even though it was found to be service connected.

On Nov. 11, I decided to take advantage of this free meal opportunity to honor my service. I left my job site on W.S. Young Drive intending to go to Texas Roadhouse. Passing by Applebee’s (another possibility), I saw that they were crowded. Roadhouse had a crowd (50 or more) standing outside. Same thing with Chili’s and all other advertised places.

So, I decided to skip the nice “sit down” restaurants, grab a Subway sandwich and go back to work, since it was supposed to offer a free 6-inch sub for veterans.

I pulled into the parking lot at Subway on W.S. Young across from the mall, and saw the lot was almost empty. I thought “Great, I can be in and out in five minutes and get back to work.”

Much to my surprise, when I walked to the door, there was a piece of paper taped to it that said, “No Vet discounts and no free 6” subs. Sorry, MGMT.”

I didn’t even go inside.

Needless to say, that ticked me off because it was published in the Killeen Daily Herald and broadcast on KCEN-TV.

I ended up going next door to Taco Bell and spent $8 on my “free” lunch.

Although I don’t eat out every day, I have been a Subway customer in the past. However, after my experience on Nov. 11, I will not patronize another Subway in this area.

I hope “MGMT” reads this letter and attempts to make it right.

Alan Harris


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Mr. 2cent, The fact that you enter the front door is your choice. My father was drafted into Korea. He never expected anything from his service. He just did his duty, no whining - he'd tell you straight up what you could go do with yourself if he felt he was being disrespected. He was a good man. Sandwichman just sweating small stuff. I'll make him a good sandwich, had one when i got off work. Now you may love to eat Obama's cheese, but if there is one thing I learned in life, NEVER skimp on cheese no matter how broke you may be.


Ok I'm a disabled VET too so here's MHO, or not. Alan, may have seemed a bit deserving and I think it's due to the frustration of the lunch experience. I don't go around looking for freebies either but I am humble enough to except a kind gesture now and then from local businesses (some of which I do spend my own money at) SO I can see that if a business advertized something and didn't deliver, that's just BAD business. If it were a typo, that should have been explained on the sign on the door.So there's my take. Now for everyone that thinks one profession is no more deserving than another. That is your oppinion and I can handle that. For those of you that have had more than one job in your life, Consider the ONLY factor that sets aside Military from MOST professions is not getting shot at or being away from family for extended periods of time. It's the fact that once you're in the front door, you are forced to stick with it until your term expires. There are no calling in sick for head aches or upset stomaches. There are no options for telling your boss who may be a complete idiot at times, that you don't have to take it, you quit. Lastly, I'll take that free sanwich you offered JBTSR, i love me some Obama Cheese but the mater.

Dr Strangelove

I’m so laughing @ what howdystranger said, “wow first time i have ever been called hippie scum” … I said some of you and you accept it must be you; if the shoe fits? Also I never said “I” gave you your freedom—the United States Armed Forces gave you your freedom—fact! Your claim you’re conservative? You remind me of the liberal Democrats that call C-Span on the Republican line saying they’ve been Republican all their lives then do a liberal rant and say they’ll never vote Republican again. If you’re conservative—I’m Hillary Clinton.


My freedom comes from God , it sure doe snot come from any army

Dr Strangelove

@howdystranger Don’t you think God created a military force to protect your freedom? If you’re Christian you do know Jesus told his Apostles to sell their cloaks and buy weapons to protect themselves against robbers and wild animals. I believe God Blessed the United States to be a righteous country and protect the freedom of people in our world and that takes an Armed Force to do it. If it wasn't for the U.S. Armed Forces you would not have the freedom to post what you're posting here-FACT!


you keep using that word , i don't think you know what it means FACT


" protect my freedom" please tell me once again how someone on the other side of the world who is living in a cave etc is any threat to my freedom? I am christian I also know church history and also about taking texts out of context etc. And i find it rich to call the USA a righteous country when everyday we slaughter our unborn legally , we cannot call ourselves righteous as long as that continues to occur no matter how much we might love our country


Out of curiosity and because someone mentioned that this 1 particular shop may be privately operated.
I sent the SUBWAY Corp. an e-mail tonight, to ask even IF privately operated , Would All Subway Shops be required to give the free 6" sub.
I'll post the answer, if I get a reply.


Seems like there is alot of hate of veterans or what they did, if there were'nt any vets we would be under nazi rule I guess. Oh and if a business advertise a free meal for anyone then says no it is their right but it is our right not to spend money there. I'm proud to be a veteran and my son is serving right now ans if you don't like it good cuz whether you believe it or not the veteran did give you that right.


Maybe the business didn't advertise and maybe they did and the manager in charge, or worker didn't know, it happens. What is the big deal over a sandwich? Our country gave us the right of freedom and yes the veterans fought wars, but we did our share here at home too. I am a republican and I think if you work for it you might get it. I don't like this idea that it is owed to me and this is what is happening to our country today. Everyone is starting to say I deserve this, people on SNAP, SSI or unemployment. Even Obama care people think they are "owed" healthcare. It was just a sandwich and you aren't even sure they were giving a free sandwich.


I don't think it's relevant whether a soldier deserves a free sandwich (or whether other people deserve it too). To me, it's only relevant that it was announced but not delivered.

I'm not a veteran (or teacher or firefighter or waste management personnel), but if someone told me people in my line of work would get a free sandwich, and I drove over to get one, and saw the sign, I'd be a little miffed too, if only for the waste of my time.

Dr Strangelove

These workers wouldn’t have a peaceful job if it wasn’t our military protection our freedom. As for wages Barbie a Soldier is on duty 24/7 they get off duty when their ID Card expires—do the math. These are civilian companies that offered these services to Veterans yet you’re ticked off at Veterans! Some you remind me of the hippy scum spitting and assaulting soldiers during the Vietnam Era why don’t you pukes move to Canada or at least move out of Killeen we don't want you here.


No I remember the Viet Nam era well, my husband came home from that war, but he did it for our country not the glory and things he would get. Also I did move out of Killeen, it seems like everyone has a DV plate and the wives think they can use it just like the disabled vet. And they give DV and handicapped plates to PTSD patients who have no problem walking. They shouldn't be driving.


wow first time i have ever been called hippie scum usually people hate me for being too conservative.. i will take it as a complement considering the source :)


WOW ..... welcome to Killeen .....sad to see how people react


perhaps this Subway is privately owned and chose not to participate in the program.


you do not give me my freedom , it is given to me elsewhere , last I checked my freedom was not hiding in some cave in the middle east or in some other God forsaken land that did not want us over there ... and if you don't think society would fall to is knees without the services of our city workers etc then try living without them for just a week. This worship of the soldier is getting out of hand .. they are doing a job , a hard one yes but a job they signed up for etc.



Just wow.


I totally agree with you it is getting out of hand. I am grateful for all the military that have served but now they are starting to act like they think everything should be given to them. Everyone in America is important, even the ones that stayed at home and served you here. I thought that is what you were fighting for, our FREEDOM, now you act like we should worship you. Everyplace you go you get asked if you are military and I say no just a civilian that worked for minimum wage and supporting you. Grow up.

Dr Strangelove

Sanitation workers and Teachers can do their jobs because the military protects their freedom. When you two stand guard freezing your tails off on a DMZ hoping you don’t get your throat slit then I’ll listen to your childish rants. People like you that don’t have the guts to serve have the freedom we give you to say stupid things—you’re welcome.


Come over to my house - I'll make you a friggn sandwich! - Because you are important.

For what I can afford, I hope turkey, cheese, mater, mayo, mustard, lettuce on white bread satisfies. My father was a Korean Vet - never boasted about his service that he didn't sign up for, yet served honorably; nor did he ever feel like others owed him anything - infact, he continually served others until his death.


I don't reg. respond but........waaaaaaaaa sorry you had to pay for your meal like everyone else has to , maybe you can get a free meal next time when its free meal day for teachers or perhaps free meal day for city workers or free meal day for those fine men and women who work for the city waste dept. etc etc etc ... whats that they don't get a day for them or the countless other vital jobs and services many fine people offer day in and day out without a holiday or even a slight recognition ( and don't say labor day ... yippie ) , oh I forgot they are not as important as some others in this town.


The persons you mention, in the jobs they do, while worthy of respect and perhaps admiration, are not routinely shot at by bad guys.


true enough but again that does not make their job any less important , I do not doubt that the soldier has a hard and demanding job , but again since most if not all chose to join the military I don't see why I or anyone should give them any more admiration than anyone else who does a difficult / important job I mean were is "give firefighters / police / prison guard a free meal day at etc etc ?. my job is hard and difficult ,take my job away for America and well society would have some big issues to deal with yet I never expect anyone to throw a parade or give me a free meal or service for the job I do .


If being a Soldier was easy, everyone would do it. That's why about 1% of our population are on active duty. Additionally, first responders and prison guards were not drafted-they chose their careers. Accordingly, they should not receive recognition either, by your logic. But it wasn't "police day" or "prison guard day"; it was "Veterans Day". I appreciate your healthy attitude about what you do, but don't project your beliefs onto others.


the draft has not been in effect in a very long time the OP that wrote the letter I am sure was not drafted for those that was drafted i have a much higher level of respect for their willingness to serve since they ha
d not other option.


the point is that all the professions you listed are filled by volunteers. Most importantly, those who have served since 9-11 did so knowing they would be in harm's way eventually.


I agree those who are now serving volunteered for this just like I and others chose our profession , belive me my job deals daily ( death etc ) with things that most people would not wish to deal with , I do not want a parade or a day or anything all i want is my paycheck :) why is it so strange to assume that soldiers should have the same attitude esp. those who were not drafted etc , again not discounting its a hard job etc ... And i will be honest I have grown up here so maybe I am a little more jaded than others who have not lived here for such a long period etc .


I also tried Subway that day and found the same. I'm done with patronizing Subway.

Dr Strangelove

Mr. Harris you don't know maybe somebody in KDH got it wrong? Maybe a typo etc. people make mistakes I would have went inside and ask about it. BTW I have nothing to do with this business.


from one vet to another, you didnt sign up for freebies or did you?.....stop crying. period.


I too am a vet and agree totally with your statement. We have a volunteer force and they are paid. I think, that the notion of free handouts is being overblown at any opportunity these days. I too am tired of the cry baby attitude and then going online and ruin someone's reputation (Subways). I have never seen that type of behavior from the previous generations who served.

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