To the Editor:

My letter is to the school board of Killeen ISD.

I work for the school district as a secretary and would like to ask if they considered us when they voted on the health insurance.

I am sure if they thought the raise in rates would not affect those who make over $40,000 a year or even someone making $30,000 a year ... or those who have a spouse to supplement their income.

Well, what about us divorced mothers who do not make that type of money and have to take care of two children on our own on a $1,200 a month income?

Did you all think about how much that raise in health insurance would affect us?

A few of my fellow secretaries in prior years did not even take the insurance but, I was always too scared to take that chance.

Every year for the past five years, I cringed when I saw the rates go up.

Every year I thought to myself “Well, maybe before the rates kick in I will find a new job and not have to use that insurance.”

But I love what I do. I love seeing and helping these kids. But I have realized I can’t afford what I do anymore.

I finished my bachelor’s degree this summer and hopefully I will be of use to someone who can benefit from a hard-working woman like myself who just wants to take care of my own kids the way they deserve.

Tamika Christie


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It's clear that the board doesn't care what you think-nor are they affected by their decisions.

Seems to me that a person booted off of the city council was elected to the school board-and she has a lot of money in her pockets.

Why don't you organize a recall of these people, change your board, and change the decision?


I'm confused! Isn't this what Obamacare is for? Better plan and cheaper, too.

With Obamacare, you can get better coverage than some "employer offered" insurances and it will cost you less if you qualify for the subsidy.

The president said "If you like your plan you can keep it" so I assume if you don't like it you can choose Obamacare.

I could be wrong but that's the way I understand it. If I am wrong... I'm sure someone will let me know.


Alice Taylor, employee of the KISD, made a statement in LTE inserted in the KDH a few weeks ago pertaining to this subject matter.
- KISD teacher says insurance plan vote was ethical choice for board - an excerpt is listed below.

I think it represents the reason, the employees of KISD ended up being taken advantage of by the decisions of the school board, (only certain members of the school board) concerning their health insurance cost.

excerpt from LTE;
I believe the last 4 lines of notations explain the problem.

To the KISD board members I want to remind you your legacy won’t come with your name on parks and plaques; your legacy will be set by how you have worked and served your fellow man. It won’t come in how much you made but in how much you give back.

Your grandchildren won’t remember what you did in back rooms amongst your business associates. They’ll remember you for the good you did.

When you make decisions that benefit an insurance broker at a heavy cost to 2,500 employees, that’s an ethical choice that won’t be forgotten.

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