To the Editor:

A parent’s worst nightmare is to outlive his or her children, but are we doing everything to prevent that?

I’m a concerned parent of an 8-year-old boy. I was taught to respect and fight for all others regardless of race, gender, social status, etc.

Some local schools, like Harker Heights Elementary, have double doors that visitors have to be buzzed in to get through. Others require you to pass through the office first, but again through unlocked doors with easy access to the main school.

At the least-secured school, you can walk directly in the main door with nothing to slow you down.

Most believe the schools are under orders by the fire marshal (to keep doors unlocked). That was an old rule that isn’t true. Most everyone, including other news outlets, told me “If that’s their policy, then that’s their policy.”

I thought we lived in a democratic nation, but when you stand up for what’s right, if you’re not the right status, you are supposed to take whatever answer they give you, and not question whether there is a safer measure.

Jimmy Hogberg

Harker Heights

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Killeen ISD has secure vestibules/entrances at all campuses. Visitors and anyone entering the campuses must sign in and get a visitors pass to go anywhere on the campuses. The district spent considerable dollars to build these vestibules or to install a buzz-in type system found at Harker Heights Elementary as well as a few other, older campuses. The district takes school safety very seriously.


Good for you to speak up on locking the doors. Whatever it takes to protect the kids should be done. It's unfortunate-that we have to be observant of crazy people walking through open doors. There should be a national law on the security of schools. How many bad events should happen before simple door locking procedures are enacted? A door that opens from the inside and locks automatically from the outside is a start. These are not full proof doors-but would help, as long as they stay shut. Someone has to physically check them. How many schools have a security person? I know high schools have security personnel. How about elementary and middle? Yes, it's a lot of money-something to think about. Our society has changed from 50 years ago. We have to adapt to the changes.

Dr Strangelove

Wow Viktor I agree with you. These public schools should cut back religious practices way too much money is being spent on the religion of FOOTBALL.

Monies should be spent on more important programs than on a bunch of jock worship.


It comes down to cost. Districts are plain cheap. Cut the unnecessary expenditures & they can find the money to increase safety measures. Responsible spenders that care about safeguarding kids won't try to discredit you.

Jimmy Hogberg

Thanks Killeen Daily Herald for jumping on this story right away. The schools can us budgets as an excuse to not put in the doors like Harker Heights Elementary, but it doesn't cost anything to lock the existing doors. Its a shame that an extra stipend is more important then the safety of our kids. God Bless the Principals that have stood up for better safety, like the one at Harker Heights Elementary. If more parents home school their children or move them to safer schools I promise the changes will be made if they start losing money. I will continue to send articles to Killeen Daily Herald, and I've read different things that are going on in Texas Schools, and other Schools around the U.S. I'm getting support from local and International Martial Arts Masters and magazines. We have an important philosophy that says "If I fall 7 times I will rise for an 8th". No matter how many times they try to discredit me or shut me up, I won't until they improve their safety measures.

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