To the Editor:

I am appalled at the expenditure of this new $1,000,000 scoreboard, especially since KISD is still in arrears for $160,000 for their old scoreboard.

One has to ask just what benefits will this scoreboard have for the students who are currently still in school and to those that have already graduated.

For the ones that have graduated, will this new scoreboard offer them a well paying job, will it give them knowledge they did not have prior to this scoreboard?

It will not do either, and all it is, is frivolous spending at the expense of the students and the parents who will ultimately shoulder the burden of this expense.

We have to ask, does the original scoreboard still function? Does the original scoreboard still keep score? Can the original scoreboard be updated — thereby saving this exorbitant amount of money?

Why do we have to spend this kind of money, when it will not have any beneficial values to the students other than keep score during a game? Why not use that money to educate our students in other fields, other than sports.

High school should be the stepping-stone to meet the world and make something of one’s self. High schools should start to teach vocational subject such as, science, math, how to become a carpenter, a plumber, a mechanic, and even prepare them to become physists to solve things like going into outer space.

Teach our kids that there is a world out there waiting for young fresh minds to challenge our existence.

How about challenging these students to invent new things, by coming up with a better mousetrap.

How about challenging them or to produce better fuels, ways to manufacture products. The list is endless on challenges to the mind and body. It takes a dream to challenge one’s self.

This scoreboard is nothing more than KISD received the budget money they asked for, but they did not spend it all and now must get rid of this money or their next budget will not be what they ask for.

I say, fix what is wrong with the original scoreboard, and use the money for something other than some frivolous venture.

Our current school system does not challenge the minds of our students. They give them no incentives to become productive citizens. Because of this, this is what our society has become.

Hans Hartung


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Killeen patriot

As a teacher of high school students in the district, I can assure you that we challenge our student's minds at a very high level on a continual basis. You should not comment on what students are being taught if you have not been in the classroom to see what is being taught. All of this hoopla about a private organizations ranking of our high schools. How does the state rank us? Did you sit in on the school board meetings to hear how the advertising dollars will benefit the district in the long run? So short sited and commenting on what you do not truly understand. Well, opinions are like anal sphincters. Everyone has one and they usually stink.


Stop voting any school bonds, write your legislators and demand school voucher, fire legislators who oppose school vouchers and fire your school board. This nonsense has got to stop

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