To the Editor:

Our flag, just a simple piece of cloth, sewn together in a red, white, and blue design. A piece of cloth that, of itself, does nothing more than hang or blow in the wind. But to many thousands of people throughout our nation’s glorious history, it has stood tall, standing as a monument of Freedom, for all Americans.

Men and women have given their lives for it, fought for it, cried for it, and revered it as a symbol for the greatest country on Earth. Books, songs, and poems have been written for it, and our national anthem was inspired by it.

Each day, our children are encouraged to pledge their allegiance to it, and whenever it is raised or passes by, we all place our hands over our hearts or salute it.

It stands for the freedom we all share and the pride and patriotism we feel for our country.

But when the flag has served its usefulness, and is no longer suitable to represent our country, it must be retired and replaced.

When comes the time that it is old and faded, it should not be flown in disrepair, rather it should be retired from its duties and replaced with a new flag so that it may symbolize our country.

The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning. (Title, 4 U.S. Code-8k-Respect for Flag.)

Some time ago, Boy Scout Troop 287 was retiring flags at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery. Our site was a large hole in the ground. It was then that the Scoutmaster decided that there needed to be a more dignified setting in which the flag of our country should be retired. In discussions with the cemetery director and the Veterans Land Board, it was approved.

Since then, a formal retirement site has been constructed in the cemetery adjacent to the flag pole that stands above the cemetery.

That site was constructed by an Eagle Scout candidate. To this day, it has served its purpose and is open to sny organization who wishes to use it for its intended purpose. It is also a place where the Order of the Arrow can conduct Brotherhood and Vigil ceremonies.

When first completed, only two benches were installed. Since then, two others have been added. Now we want to add thirteen others around the flag circle which will be representative of the original Thirteen Colonies.

This is where you come in.

We are asking that you consider sponsoring a bench. You will be able to identify it in any manner that is in keeping with the solemn nature of the area. The cost-$2,250. If you are interested in doing so, please call:

Gene Wentworth, 254-698-6074 or 254-630-5666, or Gordon Plumlee, 254-290-2309 or

Gordon Plumlee


Gene Wentworth

Harker Heights

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