To the Editor:

How sad it is to see an iconic institution such as the Boy Scouts become a victim of the culture war. Equally as sad is the voracious appetite of the left to destroy the moral foundations and abandon our maker’s laws.

In the last two months, you have heard the secular viewpoint that the Boy Scouts will be OK and one writer even is taking the Boy Scouts to task for now teaching to discriminate by not letting homosexual leaders into their organization.

In fact, California lawmakers are already working on legislation to strip the Boy Scouts of their tax-exempt status because they won’t allow homosexual leaders.

What God called abhorrent, our corrupt culture calls acceptable. What was considered acceptable is now viewed as normal. What the progressives in our society fail to see or understand (Isaiah 6:9-10, ESV) is that there are consequences for deviating from God’s moral standards.

By their own actions, the Scouting executives compromised moral standards, they have demonstrated their inability to lead and develop the next generation of men. But wait; elements are moving now to stand up a new organization to train the next generation and uphold those high moral standards that Scouting deserted.

In early September from Nashville, Tenn., a new organization for young boys will be announced with a start date of Jan. 1, 2014. That new entity will uphold the highest moral standards for our young men to aspire toward.

So, it is time now for each of us to decide, will you run with the culture or stand firmly in your faith?

Robert Crafton

Harker Heights

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Mamma Griz

Mr. Crafton, you said "What God called abhorrent, our corrupt culture calls acceptable". Did God tell you that or did you read it in that story book? The Bible was written by MORTAL MAN, not by God. Those men weren't around when those things written about actually happened-- and they didn't hear anybody say those things that supposedly said. And God didn't come down from above to tell them what to write-- in other words, the guy in the sky had nothing to do with the writing of that book. And how many different versions have been written through the years? Oh, tell me what cassette recorder was used to record what was supposedly said? What brand of batteries did they have? My batteries sure don't last that long!


The Boy Scouts are a private organization free to make any rules they want regarding who can and cannot participate. Those not liking the rules made this private organization are free to not like it.

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