To the Editor:

I’m not looking for a fight with this letter. It’s only my opinion.

I continue to see and hear our community and state residents yelling and arguing about our Second Amendment rights.

I’ve read the Second Amendment to our Constitution and I understood it to say “keep and bear arms.”

This amendment was written in 1781.

“Arms” in those days were muzzle-loading rifles, used to protect the folk from wild animals, Native Americans, and possibly Redcoats. I read nothing about assault rifles.

And if one wants to stretch the interpretation of arms to include assault rifles, why stop there?

I suppose one could also include .50-caliber machine guns, or even tanks.

I don’t get angry very often, but I do when people are totally unreasonable, do no independent thinking and allow a private organization that has made millions to pull the wool over people’s eyes with misinformation.

James W. Ritter

Harker Heights

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Gary Caraway

I don't know if registration will make any difference. I look to the peace officers on this issue. A majority of police chiefs favor it while a majority of sheriffs don't. That indicates to me that gun violence is an urban problem. Just a couple of days ago a man carrying a loaded AR-15 was walking his boy scout son on a path in Temple,Tx. He was arrested. If I lived in a city I would be uncomfortable with people that are untrained with firearms walking/driving around with loaded weapons. On the other hand I have no problem with my friends and relatives coming to my place for target practice or hunting. Gunshots in the country are pretty common. Urban gun violence desperately needs an urban solution. That won't happen until people from both sides of the politcal spectrum acknowledge there is an urban gun violence problem.


registration of firearms is illegal.

Gary Caraway

Registration of firearms in Texas is not required not illegal.


Review the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986-which makes the creation of a firearms registry ILLEGAL.

Gary Caraway

I reviewed the FOPA 1986. It overturned a number of previous gun restriction laws and decriminalized some former types of firearm offenses. I didn't see any criminal penalty(s) for gun registration. I have no doubt now that gun registration is ILLEGAL and unknown numbers of felons are languishing in prison.

Gary Caraway

That's those despicable gun registering felons.

Dr Strangelove

Gary, I know it won’t do any good the only people that will register their weapons if it becomes law will be law abiding citizens. You have people driving around every day carrying handguns in their auto’s that doesn’t have a CHL it is not required in Texas. A lot of people will be surprised on many people carry in this State. In the summer you see guys with fanny packs a lot of them are armed. That elderly lady you see in Wal-Mart more than likely she’s packing heat. I believe Texas is a safer State because of it. Look at the crimes with guns in NYC and Chicago with all their gun-control laws. Don’t let Central Texas fool you there is major gang activity here. Check out YouTube and listen to the people in London after the riots. Law abiding citizens were saying please don’t let this happen in America. Armed thugs are out there we had nothing but a club to protect or families—the police was nowhere. The burglary rate in the UK is five times what it is here—there’s a reason for that.

Dr Strangelove

Gary, you seem like a reasonable guy you know deep down registration of firearms will not make the community any safer—criminals will never register their weapons. I had to take a course to get a CHL I think the training at the CHL’s classes I've taken over the years are outstanding; I’m glad Texas requires it. Being a military guy I never knew how to carry concealed around civilians. The CHL classes I’ve taken were very helpful.


Firearms registration is illegal

Gary Caraway

The founding fathers argued over whether there should be a standing national army or if state militias could handle national defense. Therefore, we got the second amendment, "A well regulated Miltia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
In the 18th century the phrase "Bear Arms" meant a weaponized conflict with a sovereign nation. Whether that was with your own nation (civil war) or a foreign nation. "Bearing Arms' was not restricted to weapons that used gunpowder. You could take up arms with a sword, mace, axe, bow & arrow etc.
A man could be a hunter. Carry a rifle everyday of his life and it would never be said that he "Bore Arms" unless he got involved in an "Armed Conflict".
I've resisted getting involved in this argument because I believe any citizen that isn't a felon or insane has the right to own the weapons he feels are necessary to defend himself and his property.
I had to pay for an expensive motorcycle course before I was allowed to take the motorcycle drivers test. I have to license my motorcycle and car. My community has determined that is responsible behavior for a vehicle owner. It is done for a number of reasons but primarily for public safety. If registration of firearms makes the community safer then I'm for it.


Operating a vehicle on the public roads is a privilege granted by the state. Keeping and bearing arms is right which cannot be abrogated by government.


Please..stop being an insulting jerk. You want to stomp on my right to keep and bear arms. I belong to an organization that truthfully exposes you for wanting to do so. I follow the Constitution-the way it was written-not the way I want it written, nor do I interpret it to follow a political agenda, as you do.

The ridiculous argument that we should be stuck in the musket era indicates that it is you that is unreasonable and uninformed-and you have had the wool pulled over YOUR eyes by a fascist liberal media who have sold you the "assault rifle/assault weapon" fantasy; terms you cannot even use correctly.

When you have the first clue what you're talking about, feel free to share that revelation with us, the people.


Mr Ritter-

I see what you're saying,
my reply and by trying to put myself in the place of a forefather and the way they may have been thinking.
IF the redcoats had of had assault weapons, that is what would have been meant when they described ,to bear arms. The arms of the day.

Our own government at the time after freedom from King George was won,
would've meant,even power to match what someone harmful to the country might have.

Even though, they would have been 'that government themselves' .
They still were not willing for the people to be overtaken by anything again were their rights might be removed.

Some never knew what was meant when they read the 2nd Amendment, but (its never become as important or as clear,as it has in today's times )
We now know,the forefathers meant ,the people themselves may one day have to do what they themselves had done, Protect Freedoms cause.
Since another King George type might appear in the peoples lives.

For that reason,I believe myself, the forefathers meant ,
whatever it takes to keep the country safe and secure from ANY who want to harm it ,use whatever it takes.

We know,no enemy of the people will be carrying muskets so why should the people themselves ?They would be considered fools.
I believe,many through out the world are considering us that at this time.

Do you remember if you saw the film, Col. Hal Moore when he made the statement ,
We are going up against a harden enemy' ?
We've received so many threats against the country in the last few years,domestic and foreign, We may be going up against a lot of harden enemys at some time in the near future,
They won't be carrying muskets and they won't be here to kill any wild animals.

The forefathers must have been able to see into the future and knew what could come one day .
That's why they added the 2nd Amendment,They figured we would know what they meant with out their adding, Use anything you have to ,to keep the Republic we've built.

That's the way I see it after a lot of thought.

Dr Strangelove

How dare you abuse the 1st Amendment by posting to a newspaper with a computer!!! In those days were quill pens were used to write books, and letters. I read nothing about computers.

And if one wants to stretch the interpretation of speech to include computers, why stop there, let’s include iPads and Smartphones.

So next time when you write a Letter to the Editor get out your quill pen, and mail it to KDH.

I don’t get angry very often, but I do when people are totally unreasonable, do no independent thinking and allow a private organization like the Brady Campaign that has made millions to pull the wool over people’s eyes with misinformation.


Uh oh look out! The usual 2nd rights amendment dudes will be making their opinions known shortly. Lol!


why are you trying to stomp on my Constitutional right of free speech? What's wrong with you? We fought wars to keep your thought processes out of my country.

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