To the Editor:

The other day I received my water bill; upon opening it, out pops this paper — “See Something, Say Something.”

Reading it brings to mind Nazi Germany or Communist Russia. From what I gleaned, they want you to spy on your neighbors. It says to call 911 or 254-200-7905

Here’s what it says:

People acting in a suspicious manner

Unusual purchases of weapons or ammunition

Unusual purchases or deliveries of chemicals or fertilizer

Unattended bags or boxes in public places

Unusual or unexpected mail

Unusual applicants for jobs

Theft or disappearance of uniforms or equipment

Person wearing clothing inappropriate for the weather

Any type of activity or person that seems frightening or unusual in your neighborhood, workplace, school or church

Person or people loitering near a government building or school

Person asking a lot of questions about numbers of personnel, operating hours or building layout

Unusual behavior, smells, or sounds from neighboring houses, apartments, or hotel rooms

Person making unusual pictures, videos or drawings of public places

A vehicle with hazardous materials parked in an inappropriate place

People who brag or talk about harming other people or groups

Anything that makes you uncomfortable

Who approved of this drivel? Who paid for it to be printed?

Some of the statements are comical — for instance, “person wearing clothing inappropriate for weather.” That’s funny; I can sit out in front of the Killeen Walmart and tie up the 911 lines all day.

Walking downtown Killeen at night makes me feel uncomfortable.

What surprises me is that more people haven’t called or written about the very implications on our society of such a letter.

We have to worry about government agents with a chip on their shoulders and agencies that want arrests and will do anything to get them. What kind of country do we live in? Isn’t this exactly what terrorists want?

Our Founding Fathers warned us of how easily our republic can slip from our hands if we do not protect it and this is only one of the signs of late.

If you see something, say something: it is for our own safety and security, right? Wrong! It is to have your neighbor do the job that the government knows you would not allow for them to do. It is a violation of our privacy and a violation of our rights.

Jon Deutcher


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Ok Bubba, lets try to find some common ground here.
The writer was tryting to point out that the flyer distributed was too general and lose in description. It would have been more appropriate to state to be alert and situationally aware. The wording and meaning of the flyer came out all wrong.
I agree with being observant in your neighborhoods. I know the few neighbors on my street that are permaenent residents but the majority comes and goes and does not stay long engough to even know who lives there and who is just visiting.
Situational awareness is a must in these times. We just need to be careful and considered on how we get the message accross ......


The wording is a direct quote from DHS.

Have a nice day.

Freedom Loving American

I agree with the writer, our rights are slowly being infringed upon. Bubba I notice that you never let an idea interrupt the flow of your posts. I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself on this board. Have you ever noticed that whenever you sit behind a keyboard, some idiot starts typing? Keep typing. Maybe, someday, you'll randomly type something semi-intelligent.

I suggest you need Mark Twain's advice; "It is better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."


Even if you believe that our rights are being infringed upon by our government, that has nothing to do with your personal vigilance or situational awareness. As I have no feelings of which I am aware, I am rarely "humiliated"; this is often the reaction of the pseudo-intellectual to ideas that he/she doesn't understand. Just about everything that flows from my fingers onto the keyboard is a work of art-monkeys don't interpret art well. In closing, your "famous quote" was never attributed by any reputable source to Mark Twain; its probable origin is the Bible. Proverbs 17:28.

I suggest YOU need my advice: "It is better to not post on the internet and make a fool of yourself while demonstrating that you are an uneducated, pseudo-intellectual pretentious jerk than to post on the internet to someone you don't know who proves you to be an uneducated, pseudo-intellectual pretentious jerk."

You have a nice day in stupidland, skippy.


P.S. your offensive and abusive posting was reported, munchkin.


I agree with the writer. This was totally out of line. So if one does not like their neighbor or their way of life the door is now open to make their lives miserable by reporting everything that one sees and finds "uncomfortable".
The flyer opens up Pandora's Box. With generalized instructions and guidance where one can pick and choose what one deems appropriate to report.
The Hassan shooting did not happen because no one saw or told, it happened because political correctness intimidated the ones who wanted to raise the red flag.
It is important to protect our freedoms that have been Constitutionally given to us.
If we infringe on the freedoms of our neighbors then the ones who try to destroy our way of life have already won ......

Dr Strangelove

The writer makes a good point about Nazi Germany. The SS was not around every corner it is a fact that neighbor was turning in neighbor. Going down to the local SS office and reporting about neighbors they didn’t like with statements like, they have Jewish friends, listen to British radio broadcasts etc.

I have called KPD non-emergency number there was a guy yes a black guy so I guess I was racial profiling him Patricia Muldrow Roberts for knocking on people’s doors 0730 on a Sunday morning. I don’t know what became of the guy but up the street KPD came by cuffed him and took him away.


Tie up the 911 lines all day with the outfits shoppers wear at Walmart. Lol!


Yupp, be dialin 911 all day long. Just check out the guy with the Matrix Trench Coat in 102 degree weather at the Cove WalMart ..... concerning and mind bogglin


Apparently you are new to this country.

"Raising Public Awareness
In July 2010, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), at Secretary Janet Napolitano's direction, launched a national "If You See Something, Say Something™" campaign – a simple and effective program to raise public awareness of indicators of terrorism and terrorism-related crime, and to emphasize the importance of reporting suspicious activity to the proper state and local law enforcement authorities. The "If You See Something, Say Something™" campaign - originally implemented by New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority and now licensed to DHS for a nationwide campaign - is a simple and effective program to engage the public and key frontline employees to identify and report indicators of terrorism and terrorism-related crime to the proper transportation and law enforcement authorities."

Apparently you missed how just a little while ago, a whackjob came to town and tried to bomb Fort Hood. Some sharp citizens interacted with the nut, called the cops, and tragedy was averted. If only someone had called the cops on nidal hasan, eh?

That's what this program is all about, and it reflects the standard OPSEC and situational awareness campaigns military personnel were taught years ago (I still look around the parking lot before I get in my truck).

Your comments equating this program to the evil regime of the past indicate to me that perhaps you need professional psychological medical attention for your personality defects. Get some today.


Really both of those could have been averted it they weren't being "politically correct". That's the plain facts. Both the people you mentioned had something in common and it wasn't that they were wearing inappropriate clothing. The very fact that people find these things ok is the problem. Think of the words of the founding fathers about giving up liberty for security.


I am intimately familiar with the founders. This has nothing to do with Franklin's famous quote; this has everything to do with citizens doing their duty as citizens by reporting potentially criminal or terrorist activity as it is the citizens who see things first. So your attempt to invoke the founders is not applicable and is dismissed.


Really? This is how you see this ......
so what should I do if my neighbor is getting ready to go on a trip to the local gun range and packing up his weapons to go shoot?
Do I need to call 911 because I just happened to step outside with my cup of java in hand and am not understanding what is going on there?
Suspicious mail ...... if my neighbor receives and abundance of packages, small and large ...... and I have no clue what is going on. I report and the person will go through all sorts of uncomfortable things just to learn that he or she shops at eBay .....
I think Bubba that you are not getting what the writer was trying to say


I got it just fine. I am pointing out that the writer is an hysterical fool who does not understand the basics of security. Apparently, neither do you.

For example, you write that your neighbor is loading his car for a trip to the range. In this example, you know the person is your neighbor, you know your neighbor enjoys shooting, has firearms, and goes to the range. So this event would not, in itself, arouse suspicion on your part. So your thoughts here are dismissed.

As opposed to an unknown vehicle in your neighborhood, stopping in front of your neighbor's home, when you know he has left. A person exits the vehicle and walks around the back of the home. This would be suspicious behavior, and you should call 911. The worst that will happen is that you may be potentially embarrassed for calling the police on someone.

That's the point of the program and the flyer; it is the citizens who see and can stop suspicious behavior, and sometimes a terrorist attack.



@ Walking downtown Killeen at night makes me feel uncomfortable.

The writer has a point on the one above he has added to the list of, IF YOU SEE THIS.
How many shootings has Killeen had just in the past year, and you don't even have to be the target to become a victim. You wouldn't have to be walking, just driving in a car in the down town area, I would advise against.

Its been wondered why no types of decent family entertainment for the young, want to move into Killeen. These companies do surveys before they invest in an area. They aren't going to invest in an area were they stand to lose any of that investment.

We still have a killer on the loose from the shooting on Zephyr at the convenience store who has never been arrested. With even one person like this possibly still in the area ,who would feel safe ?


Nothing a concealed Springfield Armory 9mm XDm semi-auto pistol won't cure.

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