To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the letter of Mr. Handy (June 23, KDH) complaining about the vet center in Harker Heights. I am the service officer there.

Mr. Handy did not have his facts straight because I do not work for the VA. I am a volunteer.

If Mr. Handy had taken advantage of the vet center’s open-door policy and asked to see the director, he would have learned why vets stand in line (voluntarily) and wait for hours to see me.

As a brigade commander, Mr. Handy would have expected one of his soldiers to use his open door before going to the media.

The reason I do not make appointments is because I never know how long it will take to help the vet in my office. It may take 15 minutes or an hour.

However, each vet knows that his claim will get my undivided attention when it is his turn.

The vets know that if they are signed in, I will see them before I leave, regardless of how long after noon it may be.

If Mr. Handy would like my assistance, he is most welcome to come see me. However, he must do it the same way as every other vet. Rank hath no privilege in my office. I see only vets.

The only people who get special treatment are widows/widowers.

I believe Mr. Handy owes the employees at the vet center a public apology.

It is true that the VA sometimes seems to be impersonal and uncaring. That is not true in Harker Heights. They go above and beyond daily.

Willie Browning

Service officer, Harker Heights

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Mamma Griz

Mike D:: "Mr. Browning" is a female. SHE isn't the only person at the vet center who could help you. There is a Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) person there five days a week-- unless he has to take time off-- who could help you. There are benefits people at the DAV who could help you-- and you wouldn't have to stand in line. The veterans organizations have service officers.

Mike D

Mr. Browning, I would like to thank you for your service to us fellow vets. But I believe the critism is with the Vet Office and not you. I too am a disabled vet and went to the center to get the paperwork to apply for changes to my disabilities. I was told I had to be one of the first 10 to show up to be serviced by you. I am unable to stand for more than 15 minutes, let alone the hour and a half in order to be one of the first in line. I asked the clerks at least for the forms so I could fill them out myself and they refused and said I had to go thru you. I have been told you are great at what you do, but the way the system is set up is not conducive for some of us and where is the actual VA Employee that is responsible for these actions.


Do what one of my friends did-bring a chair.

Mamma Griz

Dr. Strangeguy:: [offtopic][spam][ban][censored]

Dr Strangelove

Mamma Griz, my post is not about the VA Center it’s about liberals; you people tell us how intolerant you are but your posts shows how bitter and hatful you are. Those are some of the reasons you want to take away our rights and liberties.

Dr Strangelove

HA! Don’t take life too serious Bubba—you see she proved my point these liberals are all about hate—just another insult. Typical liberal response no facts so attack the person.

Mamma Griz

Dr. Strangeguy:: What do you mean "no facts"? I bet I know more facts about the going ons at the vet center than you do! And it is YOU that is the hateful one. I know how to get to the vet center for one thing. But I know what it looks like once I walk in the door.


my own counsel will I keep concerning life.

Dr Strangelove

There is no need for Mama Griz to apologize to me I understand that’s the way Obama supporters are.


don't be tiresome.

Mamma Griz

Dr. Strangeguy:: I don't apologize to an idiot who is lower than a snake's belly for anything it thinks I said to it. [innocent]


let's have that apology.

Mamma Griz

[sleeping] Bubba, don't hold your breath waiting for an apology from the person in question. [sleeping]

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