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Shutdown provides examples of intrusiveness of federal government


To the Editor:

Last week, I watched 90-year-old veterans locked out of the WWII Memorial in the nation’s capital. This week, I watched recreational fishermen locked out of Stillhouse Hollow Lake.

Similar to the vindictiveness displayed toward the greatest generation in Washington, D.C., this effort is nothing more than a shameless display to people that we need the federal government in nearly every aspect of our lives.

But we don’t need the federal government in our everyday life.

It doesn’t take a federal rep to oversee fishing and hunting. I’m sure it took more effort to lock the Stillhouse gates than to leave the gates open so people could enjoy THEIR lands.

I hope the Republicans don’t lose their backbone on this epic struggle in Washington because if we don’t stop the increasing intrusiveness now, when will it stop?

Let’s use the Stillhouse Lake example: why is the Corps of Engineers, founded by George Washington in 1775 and with a wonderful history of developing the infrastructure of our nation, still overseeing the vast majority of Texas lakes?

Created for one purpose, but self-morphing to another and then another, the Army Corps of Engineers is a classic example of the ever-increasing intrusion of federal oversight in everyday life. Sounds a lot like the IRS now becoming a part of our health-care system.

As Texas gets ready to vote on a constitutional amendment for a comprehensive water plan, I think (belatedly) it would have been wise to take local, Texas control of its lakes back from the federal government. It’s not too late.

Retired U.S. Army Col. Scot Arey

Harker Heights