To the Editor:

Last week, I watched 90-year-old veterans locked out of the WWII Memorial in the nation’s capital. This week, I watched recreational fishermen locked out of Stillhouse Hollow Lake.

Similar to the vindictiveness displayed toward the greatest generation in Washington, D.C., this effort is nothing more than a shameless display to people that we need the federal government in nearly every aspect of our lives.

But we don’t need the federal government in our everyday life.

It doesn’t take a federal rep to oversee fishing and hunting. I’m sure it took more effort to lock the Stillhouse gates than to leave the gates open so people could enjoy THEIR lands.

I hope the Republicans don’t lose their backbone on this epic struggle in Washington because if we don’t stop the increasing intrusiveness now, when will it stop?

Let’s use the Stillhouse Lake example: why is the Corps of Engineers, founded by George Washington in 1775 and with a wonderful history of developing the infrastructure of our nation, still overseeing the vast majority of Texas lakes?

Created for one purpose, but self-morphing to another and then another, the Army Corps of Engineers is a classic example of the ever-increasing intrusion of federal oversight in everyday life. Sounds a lot like the IRS now becoming a part of our health-care system.

As Texas gets ready to vote on a constitutional amendment for a comprehensive water plan, I think (belatedly) it would have been wise to take local, Texas control of its lakes back from the federal government. It’s not too late.

Retired U.S. Army Col. Scot Arey

Harker Heights

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the federal government today is "intrusive" because the regime in the capitol at Washington wish it so, and have made the people suffer for their arrogance.

The people have consistently, repeatedly, and vigorously said "NO" to obamacare, and the House of Representatives is the only branch in Washington doing as the PEOPLE command.

The arrogant, truculent, petulant, intolerant, tyrannical liberal fascists in the Senate and the WH now hold the people hostage with their childish antics, instead of doing as they are told, as they were hired to do.

The senate and obama are HIRED HELP, I am their boss, they are my employees, and they need to learn to do as they are told. Hear and OBEY.


While currently opinion polls show that most U.S. citizens either want Obamacare repealed or at least delayed or changed, it's fair to mention that this isn't consistent, repeated, or vigorous -- at least based on some national votes in the past few years.

For example, Obama was elected over Romney in 2012, with one of the major campaign issues being the Affordable Care Act. And (using nationwide totals), more people voted for Democrats in the House than voted for Republicans in the House (59.2 million to 57.6 million), though Republicans retained a majority because those votes are divided into districts.

(Disclaimer: I don't like Obamacare either; I just wanted to clarify that not all voters seemed to go against it in the 2012 elections.)


Mr. Smith No where in the US Constitution as it was originally written,does it state -Women have the right to kill unborn babies.
You're living in a dream world of your own making, or have been influenced by someone who is, if you believe that.
Who do liberals insist on this argument of killing babies is the right to do if a woman so chooses ?
You use the argument that its a woman's right, What about the father of the child, Do they have the right to try and argue to save their child's life?

There shouldn't even have to be any discussion of the subject, it should be a normal human being feeling, you don't kill un-borns.

It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.
~George Washington~


Corrected above---Why do liberals insist on this argument of killing babies is the right thing to do if a woman so chooses ?

To add and as Dr Strangelove states,
I can not stand without defending, when you call Jesus a liberal.
I fear,You may be asking for a lot of grief when your time on earth is finished. The world is about the people only, and you say God/Jesus would feel his own creation should be destroyed ? Especially when they are in one of their most vulnerable states of being un born ?

Remember, those who argue in His Name.

Dr Strangelove

US Constitution: THE RIGHT TO LIFE…
Without that right all other rights mean nothing! People like you that deny life the basic right and you claim righteousness; crack me up. You call Jesus a liberal—please stop that pot smoking and get some help. Jesus is not for killing babies, perverted sex, shacking up, having babies outside of marriage, also not for homosexual marriage which I’m sure you support.

Jesus told his Apostles to sell their cloaks and buy a weapon which would be a gun today—how dare you call Jesus a liberal; you need get off those drugs man. You must be on some type of drug to call Jesus a liberal. Yes Jesus would want us to carry guns to defend ourselves—please read the Gospels before making ignorant statements.


I agree that the government is intrusive but I am talking about the GOP government
we have here in Texas . in the name of religion . The GOP is too mean to acknowledge that under the US Constitution women has a much rights as men and SInce the GOP want to use the Bible instead of the US Constitution to enforce Texas policy on Schools policies , on women issues .and we the people

In fact the Texas GOP government is just like the tea party they want to punish us all if we don,t accept Ted Cruz as a GOD. So please to be FREE vote the GOP out of office . Notice the the GOP accuse any whom oppose their holy polices are labeled Liberals but am I the only one to notice that Jesus was a Liberal, who forgave sinners ? and Jesus was not like Ted Cruz or Russ Limbaugh or theTexas GOP whom forgives no one..?

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