To the Editor:

I would urge all concerned with good government to vote in the upcoming election.

Some of the current individuals running for office have previously been elected to represent the citizens of Killeen.

Some of them chose to keep secret the issue concerning (the contract buyout of) Mr. (former City Manager) Connie Green and why the city paid for his silence.

We may never know exactly what happened or who may have been at fault because those previously mentioned individuals chose to pay for secrecy instead of being open stewards of the truth and the citizens’ money.

What they were hiding then, and why they think we should now trust them with our vote and our money I do not know.

But I do know I will vote for those who led the fight to toss them out for the betrayal of the citizens of Killeen.

Trust is earned by deeds, not bribes; vote to keep Killeen clean.

James Ralston


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The writer's statement about trust holds merit. If anyone watched the NAACP candidate forum, you would notice that when Mayoral Candidate Bruchard (I think that's the way his name is spelled) began to comment on the recall and was shut down by the "moderator" and the NAACP local president stating that they were not there to focus on the past and "mudslinging" but on the present. I was disappointed in the NAACP's suppression of information that is pertinent to a voter making informed and wise choices when it comes to voters. What if someone is new to the city and has never heard about the recall. I know it being brought up would cause me to try and find out more about it.
The recall will definitely be an issue with some and not for others but, no group or organization should try to protect the acts of the past that will undoubtedly have an effect on how people vote in the present.


The moderator was wrong and suppressed the candidate's Freedom of Speech --This is surprising and disappointing considering the forum was being given by groups who have argued for the Freedom of Speech Amendment themselves. Was it done to show favoritism for certain candidates one has to wonder.

But at least its a lesson learned and to remember in the future for yourself.

And if one needs to know more about the recall, They can type RECALL/Killeen, Texas, into most search stations and receive information or even in this papers KDH own search station.


I agree with writer---

And will not be foolish enough to vote for anyone, who was involved during the time period of the City Manager Connie Green buy out, or was in anyway associated with it , as far as giving approval, or associated with those who were on that council, but have never told the True and Honest reason, why such a large amount was paid.

Those who have remained silent do not deserve the trust of the people, they've had their chance. And they've failed.

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