To the Editor:

Three months ago I decided to stop watching all television news. No, not even my favorites.

I observed that news reporters delighted in setting up conflict.

Why not report on Main Street, working poor and veterans still losing their homes and jobs? Families struggling to buy groceries and gasoline for their vehicles?

Legislators of all parties take recesses, their salaries and benefits while their constituents languish.

When did facts, truth, honesty and civility become the exception and not the rule when reporting the news or enacting the people’s will?

Since my news boycott, my spouse stacks the KDH at the end of the kitchen table thinking I would glimpse something to jerk me out of my indifference regarding the chaos in the Harker Heights area and around the world.

On Oct. 3, I scanned the past three weeks of KDH and I was furious — headlines “6000 to be furloughed”...“Shutdown Signs”... “Army suspends tuition assistance.” ... “Lakes to close indefinitely, “When a living casualty returns from war.”


Then I glimpsed Sarah Smiley’s column, “Words from a grieving widow” (Oct. 2, Fort Hood Herald).

Thank you, Sarah, for giving voice to Theresa’s story. It bought me to tears. It kicked my apathy to the curb.

Families broken never to be the same is headline news. A newborn without a mom or dad is headline news. A country that proclaims God and democracy as cornerstones while the majority of its citizens live a nightmare is headline news.

What isn’t headline news is the flagrant self-serving photo ops of Rep. John Carter and Sen. John Cornyn garnering plenty of KDH coverage. Really?

I dare you to pull up their voting records. Women, children, the poor, people of color, health, education and jobs are not their priorities.

What will it take for mature, logical, compassionate adults to stand shoulder to shoulder and put stories like Theresa’s on the front page and photo ops on the back?

Patricia Muldrow Roberts

Harker Heights

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Roberts claims she stopped watching news three months ago but on Aug. 11 (eight weeks ago) she wrote a letter to the editor about the Zimmerman traffic stop video that was all over the news.




With the writers description of the grieving widow and new born.
I had almost thought the writer was turning into a Alvin York type character who wanted to right his ways, when he got religion after nearly being killed in a thunder storm.
But as always,
The writer ends up with their usual attack against ,anyone, or anything on the right side of the political world.

The writer isn't fooling anyone, they are a hard core member of the left, who feels they have a duty, a need, an urgency, to discredit the right side of politics any chance they get.
Even to using the subject of a grieving widow and new born to try and sell their own political views.

This is nothing new. I have found, widows, new borns, disabled veterans, school kids,homeless or senior citizens etc. are free territory to be used by those of the left side of the political world. Who when needed to be used, will be marched upon the podium to have their own picture taken with those who are trying to get over on the general public. And who after the picture taking, are never seem again.

Mamma Griz

Eliza:: Why did you have to inject politics into this. There is no politics involved in this story or in the picture. But then, politics regarding this article is your opinion-- and you know about opinions. Or are you assuming that it is nothing but political? You know about "assume" don't you.



When I have time to waste on something I'm not interested in or their own opinion,
I'll get back with you.
You're so comical mama [beam]

Mamma Griz

Rather be comical than an old grouchy fart like I have seen in here.


Patricia Muldrow Roberts said "What isn’t headline news is the flagrant self-serving photo ops of Rep. John Carter and Sen. John Cornyn garnering plenty of KDH coverage. Really?"

Come on, MammaG. Who injected politics first!?!?! (Hint: It wasn't Eliza)

Dr Strangelove

Mamma did you read her letter? She wrote about photo ops for Republicans noticed how she left out photo ops for Lib-baggers like Obama, Raid, and Nancy Plastic?

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