To the Editor:

I stopped by McDonald’s for a quick burrito and a cup of coffee when I observed two soldiers who seemed to be pestered by two homeless individuals.

It wasn’t until the soldiers sat down that I realized that they had just bought the homeless individuals breakfast, more importantly, they all sat down at the same table and entered into conversations with each other.

It is easy misinterpret what seemed to be pestering by one who is struggling with the aspects of life that you and I take for granted.

These two soldiers demonstrated that no matter what they have gone through personally they took time to engage with another human being.

We could all consider this when we see someone less fortunate. Rather than giving a buck, to pacify our conscience, give a little of yourself. Anyone of us could be in the same situation at any time during these uncertain days.

When I observe our soldiers displaying such an unselfish act, I am reminded of those who died and were wounded in an act of war on our own Fort Hood installation. When will there be justice for them?

Support the following agencies that are actively assisting the homeless in our community: Christian Assistance Network, Heritage House Central Texas, and Jesus Hope and Love Mission.

Alvin Dillard


Christian Assistance Network

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