To the Editor:

This morning, (Saturday) as we were getting ready to take our morning walk at 6:20 a.m., a white pickup truck narrowly missed hitting our neighbor on the south, as he was taking out his trash.

The truck ran up on the curb in our yard, took out the mailbox post, a shrub and trash can of the neighbor to the north, and the brick mailbox of the second house to the north.

The driver stopped momentarily, then sped off, leaving the scene.

There must have been some damage to the truck, unless it had a brush guard.

That street (the dividing line between Killeen and Harker Heights) is patrolled by the city of Killeen, even though those of us living on the east side of the street live in Harker Heights. I have personally appealed to the Harker Heights City Council and to the Killeen Police Department, but little has been done to control the speed, let alone intoxicated drivers every night.

The speed on North Roy Reynolds is 45 mph, but as you continue south and cross Veterans Memorial Boulevard, the speed on South Roy Reynolds drops to 30 mph and is also a 5-ton load-zoned road (most people continue to drive 40 to 50 mph).

Not only is the speed a problem, but commercial traffic that is supposed to be routed onto FM 2410 also use the road as a short cut, (drink distributors, moving vans, concrete and gravel trucks, etc.).

I have lived here 34 years and little has been done to control the speed and type of traffic in the last five years.

I guess it will take a fatality (as almost happened this morning) before any action is taken.

Dick D. Chapin

Harker Heights

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Mr Dancy

This has to be one of the most aggressively patrolled areas in the city. This street along with the service road between Knights Way and Stan Schlueter can be used to define a speed trap. The speed limits are posted on both the north and southbound sides of Roy Reynolds...but...folks just don't obey..maybe Heights and Killeen can install some road bumps at critical points on the street to cause speeders to slow down. Roy Reynolds offers many a quick route from the North side of that area without having to loop completely east or go back west .


I saw the crushed mailbox you talk of , brick mailbox I might add, as I travel on Roy Reynolds quiet often.
Whoever hit it had to be going much more then the speed limit of 30 miles an hour, and couldn't have been in control of their vehicle or themselves.

As the writer says,there used to be police presence ,at least at times, along that street, I believe that H.Hts. and Killeen law enforcement agencies used to share in responsibility for Roy Reynolds, or they did several years ago.

However even though I make use of that street anywhere from 2-4 times a week, and have for the last several years. I think I can count on 1 hand the times I've saw a patrol car on the street. And I agree with the writer, there are speeders, heavy duty commercial trucks that a driver trying to obey the law has to take heed of when driving along Roy Reynolds.

It states on the sides of many law enforcement vehicles ,to serve & protect.
I believe the people of Roy Reynolds Dr. eve though its paid for through their tax payments,are getting the short end of the deal on that service, as far as speeders ,maybe intoxicated speeders at that, are allowed to continue to break the traffic laws when driving through the Roy Reynolds area.

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