To the Editor:

My mother recently had her first chemotherapy infusion at the Killeen Cancer Center.

The doctors and staff are top notch, but unfortunately Scott & White is not giving these dedicated individuals the tools they need to do their job.

Both myself and one of the nurses could not get my mother’s reclining chemo chair back down from the upright position because the handle was broken.

So my 81-year-old mother had to squeeze her legs between the leg rest and the arm rest in order to get up to use the ladies room.

This presented a serious fall risk to my mother, who is already weak from battling cancer since last October.

The wonderful nurses put her in another chemo chair whose foot rest had to be pulled up manually with their hands because it, too, wasn’t functioning.

Thankfully, we were able to get that foot rest down when she finished her treatment.

I wrote a letter to public relations and never heard a word back, either through email or a phone call.

This is unacceptable.

Will it take an injury of a patient for them to act?

I sure hope not.

I’m frustrated.

Brenda McCleary


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It's very hard to think that the once state of the art Cancer Center could get this run down. I was one of the first nurses who worked there. In fact, I gave the first Chemo at the S&W Killeen Cancer Center. This is not acceptable. Please call Patient Relations and speak with Bill Selby. He has never let anyone that I know of down. Scott & White is lucky to have him. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. (I no longer live in Tx, but still have resources) I wish you well and I will pray for your mom.


This is unacceptable.

You better believe it is unacceptable.

Money is being made off of these patients --- They are not paying to have to put up with shoddy equipment being used as part of their treatment.

Scott & White we are told , is suppose to be a state of the art medical care facility.
Maybe they have become TOO Big to worry about the personal care a patient receives is an important part of the treatment.


Eliza, Thank you. The two-fold purpose of my writing KDH is the non-response from Scott and White and the safety of patients now and in the future at the Killeen Cancer Clinic. I hope that one day it will be reported that this issue has been resolved!

Kathy Day RN

I am very proud that my sister in law exposed this unacceptable situation with her mother's cancer clinic. When patients are suffering and and at increased risk of falls and other complications, the last thing they need is shoddy equipment. This situation with Brenda's Mom is a Patient Safety Risk that her clinic has been warned about. The fact that there has been neither a response to her nor improvement in the chairs that her mother is forces to sit in reflects the disregard that this cancer clinic administrators has toward the well being of their patients. Unfortunately, this is the case in way too many hospitals and clinics...there is more focus on profits than there is on patients and their well being. Keep at it Brenda and perhaps they will make the improvements that your mother and you deserve, and in turn that will help future patients of that clinic.


Kathy, Your example of being an advocate for patients all these years has set an amazing standard for me and for others to get involved. Thank you for your encouraging words.

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